The ‘Squid Game’ creator’s films have been added to Netflix.


Netflix has added films by the creator of “Squid Game.”

Netflix subscribers who can’t get enough of Squid Game will be pleased to learn that the show’s creator has added more titles to the platform.

On November 3rd, Netflix will release a new series.

Three South Korean feature films directed by Hwang Dong-hyuk, the creator of Squid Game, are now available to stream in the United States, according to 5.

Silenced, Miss Granny, and The Fortress are among them.

Silenced is a crime drama that was released in 2011 and stars Gong Yoo, who plays The Salesman in Squid Game.

The story follows a teacher who starts working at a school for the deaf when he discovers that some of the teachers are abusing the students.

Miss Granny is a 2014 comedy-drama starring Na Moon-hee and Shim Eun-kyung about a 74-year-old woman who miraculously transforms into her 20-year-old self.

The Fortress is a 2017 historical drama about King Injo, who retreats to his fortress ahead of an impending Qing invasion of Korea in the 1600s.

Kim Yoon-seok and Lee Byung-hun star in the film, with the latter appearing as the masked Front Man in Squid Game as well.

Hwang Dong-hyuk directed several acclaimed South Korean feature films before bringing the visually stunning and socially relevant Squid Game to life — and now three of those films are available on Netflix in the US!

After Squid Game became Netflix’s most popular original series of all time, the titles have finally arrived.

Back in September, the show debuted.

17 follows a group of 456 people who accept a mysterious invitation to play a round of children’s games that could change their lives forever.

They will win millions of dollars if they win, but they will lose their lives if they lose.

Squid Game became a social media sensation almost immediately.

It dominated the Netflix streaming charts around the world, with 111 million accounts watching the series in its first month, making it Netflix’s biggest series launch ever and the first Netflix original title to reach 100 million viewers in its first month on the platform.

By the end of October, the number of households watching the show had risen to 142 million, according to Netflix’s announcement to investors, “a mind-boggling 142 million member households globally have chosen to watch the title in its first four weeks….

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