The spirit is that! How a psychic chose her name, Judi Dench reveals


The Oscar-winning actress, who plays the eccentric Madame Arcati in a new movie adaptation of Blithe Spirit, says that a popular 1930s medium disclosed her name to her parents

It is a hard job to choose the correct name for a boy.

Inspiration can come from popular culture or relatives, but it came through a chance encounter with a medium for the parents of Judi Dench. “In advance of the release of Blithe Spirit, a major film adaptation of Noël Coward’s masterful comedy about the afterlife, ghosts and a love that just won’t die, the Oscar winner recalled the story. Dench, who plays the eccentric medium Madame Arcati, said her belief in the afterlife stems from the tale of her name: “Something very strange happened at the time I was born.

My dad was a doctor, my mother was from Dublin, and they were living in York. There was a well-known medium there.

The day after I was born, my father met her.

“I’m very pleased to hear about Judith,” she said to him. My parents didn’t know what my name was going to be, so I was named Judith, which now, thankfully, I never do. Dench, born in December 1934, added: “Dench, who was born in December 1934, added: ” They toured, and there were people going to the shows. I think it’s impossible for us to say that nothing exists. There is an immense universe we don’t know about.

In one such spiritual theater show, Blithe Spirit, which hits theaters this month, introduces audiences to Madame Arcati.

Set in the 1930s, the film tells the story of Charles Condomine, the best-selling mystery writer who struggles to write his first screenplay. After seeing Madame Arcati’s show on whether there is life after death, inspiration comes to him. He invites her to hold a seance at his house – only to create complete confusion for her.

“She accidentally conjures up the ghost of his annoying first wife, Elvira, who doesn’t know she’s been dead for years and haunts him in a deadly love triangle with his second wife, Ruth. Leslie Mann and Isla Fisher play the wives. Dench joked about her own afterlife: “I don’t know who I will haunt. I don’t know who I would haunt.

I’m willing to haunt locations.

Dench is one of the most respected actresses in Britain, whose roles in the Bond films have ranged from monarchs to M.

In an interview filmed by the filmmakers, she said, “It is a dream come true to be able to play Madame Arcati.”

She doesn’t just come in for a few scenes in our film version – she goes on a little bit and creates more confusion, but she has a very wonderful part to play after that. “The actress recalled her exciting encounter with Coward through her friends Joe Mitchenson and Raymond Mander, actors who founded a world-famous theater collection, “As a young actress, when I was in London, they took me to see it.

They said later that we were going to see someone….’ This is Noël.’ He shook my side.

The fragrance of his aftershave will never forget me.

I suppose I haven’t washed for days.

It was all magical.” She said of the new film, “I hope the audience can have a good time, laugh and be transported for a while to another world so that they can forget the things they’re worried about, such as Brexit. “The play is directed by Edward Hall, former artistic director of London’s Hampstead Theatre, whose hits included the Sunny Afternoon musical Kinks, also a huge West End success, and w.” His father was the late Sir Peter Hall, the renowned director who ran the National Theatre and founded the Royal Shakespeare Company and cast Dench in productions such as Antony and Cleopatra. She said, “The wonderful thing about working with Ed is that I met his father in 1962. The great thing about working with Ed is that I met his father in 1962.”

Working with Ed now is just glorious.

I say to him all the time, ‘You’re just like your dad.’

And he also has a talent like Peter. She said, “It’s so strange, in Blithe Spirit – where you see people’s ghosts – in a way that I see, well, more than one Peter in Ed ghost. “Blithe Spirit was adapted by the screenwriters and producers, Nick Moorcroft and Meg Leonard, with Piers Ashworth, who made some of the most popular independent British films, including Fisherman’s Friends.


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