The source of “Bachelor” says that this is the reason why Peter Weber and Kelley Flanagan split up


Fans were surprised to hear that they decided to make a major move together because Peter Weber and Kelley Flanagan had separated.

Without going into depth, the Bachelor stars announced online that they are going their separate ways.

But a source appears to know the true reason behind their division.

Peter Weber has broken up with Kelley Flanagan

The source of ‘The Bachelor’ says Peter Weber and Madison Prewett’ never really were together’

For some time, Weber and Flanagan have been together.

But it looks like after they openly spoke about moving in for the new year together, their friendship is over.

Before leaving, the pair split up.

“I’m here to share that Kelley and I have decided to go our separate ways,”I’m here to share that Kelley and I have decided to go our separate ways. “While our relationship was filled with countless beautiful memories, in the end our relationship just didn’t work out. Kelley is someone I will always have a special love for. Someone I learned more from than she will ever understand.”

Flanagan later created an Instagram post of her own about the breakup. Her Instagram caption read, “Peter and I had some incredible times together and they will definitely be missed,” Unfortunately, he and I are at two different points of our lives and have seen our future paths differently. As I move on to my next chapter, I wish Peter the very best and want to thank everyone for their continued support.

She also added, “One day, I still hope to make it to New York, but I just want to focus on my happiness for now!” ”

There’s a rumor of his mother getting in between them.

My toxic characteristic is having it all #TheBachelor Bachelor (@BachelorABC) March 10, 2020 Kelley Flanagan said she could tell the creators of ‘The Bachelor’ Got Into the Mind of Peter Weber

In their breakup announcements, Weber and Flanagan did not go into depth about their split.

A source, however, claimed to know the real reason for their division.

In some ongoing problems in their relationship, the transfer was the final straw; the worst of which was that they weren’t on the same page with how they approach relationships,”The move was the final straw in some ongoing issues in their relationship; the biggest of which was that they weren’t on the same page with how they approach relationships,”

“There was some growth that needed to happen from Peter that wasn’t happening,”There was some progress that needed to happen from Peter that was not happening.

The source said that his girlfriend, Barb, made it even harder for both of them.

Barb was really interested and intended to be a major focus in the partnership between Peter and Kelley…. She wanted to be the subject of Peter,’ said the source.

Weber and Flanagan’s relationship was previously endorsed by Barb. She also left a message on the breakup article from Weber.

Love may be fickle and for the faint-hearted it is not.

Those that have witnessed it are all too well aware of that.

Yet having loved and lost is better than having never loved at all. For you both, our hearts ache. Kelley’s always going to have a piece of our hearts, and we just wish her the best. Dad and mom,” she wrote.

Weber and Flanagan have little further to say about their division yet.

But the new rumor looks like his friendship with his mother has come between them.


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