The son of Jeremy Clarkson’s girlfriend thought he would kill the Grand Tour star, saying, “Some might be glad.”


The son of Jeremy Clarkson’s girlfriend thought he would kill the Grand Tour star, saying, “Some might be glad.”

LISA HOGAN has spoken out about her partner Jeremy Clarkson’s COVID-19 struggle, revealing that her son believed he would be held accountable for “killing” the former Top Gear host after taking the virus home with him.

On Thursday’s episode of Loose Women, Lisa, 48, discussed Amazon Prime Video’s Clarkson’s Farm, which follows Jeremy Clarkson’s experience of maintaining a farm during lockdown. Nadia Sawalha asked Lisa about the 61-year-old revealing he had COVID, and she described how her son was afraid he would be blamed for “killing” the broadcaster, which she joked some people would be grateful for.

Nadia, Katie Piper, Jane Moore, and Charlene White were on the panel.

Nadine stated, “I didn’t realize Jeremy had Covid during the filming.”

“And you must have been terrified because of his previous health scares.”

“Oh, it was simply awful,” Lisa responded. So my son took it down for Christmas [2020], and he was like, ‘Oh my God, I’m going to murder Jeremy Clarkson.’

“And I answered, ‘Well, some people will thank you,’” she laughed. No, he was perfectly OK.

“He had a fever for a couple of days, maybe an hour, and then he and my son sat in the little TV room, messaging me for bolognese, Rosé, and beer while they watched all of the football.”

“Wasn’t that one of Kaleb’s [Cooper] best lines?” Nadine made a remark. “That ‘oh, that’ll get you, that’ll kill you’.”

Late last year, the host of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire was stricken with the virus.

He stated he believed he would die of the condition in January, describing himself as “big” and mentioning his smoking habit.

The Grand Tour host revealed that he started feeling poorly a few days before Christmas and opted to get tested for coronavirus after Googling his symptoms.

Since 2017, Lisa has become Jeremy’s partner, and she can be seen on Clarkson’s Farm on occasion.

She revealed to the panel on Loose Women that she had more farming expertise than Jeremy.

“I would say he asks individuals like Charlie and Kaleb [for farming advice], but he doesn’t ask me.”

She described working on the farm with Jeremy as “all go,” and she stated that Jeremy enjoys working.

“It’s hectic, and he’s got a lot on his plate.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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