The significance of the Mars-Venus conjunction for YOU and your horoscope


The significance of the Mars-Venus conjunction for YOU and your horoscope

MARS AND VENUS are currently aligned in Leo in the sky, indicating a ‘epic’ couple of days ahead.

Today, at 2.33 p.m., the Mars-Venus conjunction occurs in the sign of Leo. Make the most of the strength that the planets will appear to have till tomorrow morning. The last time these two planets collided was on August 24, 2019, and the next time will be on February 22, 2024. We’ll all be feeling incredibly amorous and generous, according to astrologer Francesca Oddie (@francescaoddieastrology on Instagram), and today will seem like Valentine’s Day. Here are the horoscopes for each sign, however Francesca cautioned that you should read both your Sun and Rising signs for accuracy.

This conjunction is in your fifth house, Aries, so it’s all about having fun with your creativity.

“Do something with your children, or if you don’t have children, do something lively, colorful, or that simply offers you joy,” Francesca said.

“A Venus-Mars conjunction in your fifth house might also signify the start of an affair, so go on a date or put yourself out there if you’re looking for love.

“It’s gregarious, pleasant, and cheerful, and you get the impression that you want to start over with the things you adore, whether romantic or otherwise.

“Because the Moon is also in Virgo, we may desire to do something that will make us feel better, such as joining a gym. Now is the time to look after yourself.”

Taurus, the conjunction of Venus and Mars is in your fourth house.

“This is about your house and your family,” Francesca explained, “so maybe you want to spoil someone you live with.”

“Perhaps you want to beautify your home or send flowers or a gift to someone you know.

“Today is about demonstrating your love for the person you live with, or reaching out to someone in your family if you live alone.

“There’s a ‘Law of Attraction’ thing going on, so if you create a loving environment and welcome in more love, they might reciprocate.”

The Mars-Venus conjunction is in your third house today, Gemini, so you have a way with words.

“Geminis are already mercurial and able to articulate themselves well,” Francesca explained, “but there is extra pizazz today.”

“Think about how you may honor your siblings today.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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