The ‘secret night together’ of Freddie Mercury and Princess Diana – What happened in reality?


The ‘secret night together’ of Freddie Mercury and Princess Diana – What happened in reality?

The epic night together of FREDDIE MERCURY and Princess Diana is the kind of scene that might feature on The Crown. But what happened in reality? Is it true that Di disguised herself as a male for the Queen star?

On the one-year anniversary of the princess’s awful loss, it’s also important remembering her enormous aptitude for seeking joy and enjoyment wherever she could. The outrageous account of her secret night with Freddie and their escapades across London, from drinks at a friend’s house to a daring excursion to a popular gay bar, brilliantly encapsulates this. Last year, a photograph was even leaked that claimed to illustrate that it truly did happen.

Kenny Everett, a mutual friend, is said to have introduced our Queen of Hearts and the Queen of Queen. Cleo Rocos, his lifelong BFF, spilt the royal beans in her autobiography.

“The group spent the afternoon creating show lines with a far naughtier storyline in front of reruns of The Golden Girls with the sound turned down and drinking champagne,” she wrote.

But it’s what transpired after that that has become one of London’s most enduring urban legends.

Diana reportedly wanted to spend the remainder of the evening with the pals, who had planned to visit the Royal Vauxhall Tavern, a well-known gay club in South London.

They disguised the princess as a male wearing a baseball cap, sunglasses, and an army bomber jacket, according to Rocos.

“When we stepped in… we believed she was certainly Princess Diana and that she would be discovered at any moment,” Rocos recalled. People, on the other hand, appeared to be completely uninterested in her. She sort of vanished. “However, she adored it.”

It’s likely that the crowd was distracted by the sudden appearance of stars like Freddie and Kenny, but could the world’s most famous woman hide with such a simple disguise?

To find out if it had happened, Express Online contacted to Freddie’s PA and close friend Peter Freestone, who knew the star’s daily travels for the last ten years of his life.

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Freestone responded, “No, not at all.” Brinkwire Summary News


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