The Scalp-Popping TikTok Trend Should Immediately Be Added to Your “Do Not Try” List.


The Scalp-Popping TikTok Trend Should Immediately Be Added to Your “Do Not Try” List.

Another day, another TikTok craze that gives us the creeps! People who use the app frequently know how common it is to come across trends, challenges, and comedic sketches that make you think. Because there are so many people vying to be the next TikTok sensation, individuals frequently jump on the bandwagon and post inappropriate stuff. And the hair-raising TikTok craze is the latest to make an appearance.

So, what is scalp-popping, exactly? Please sit back and relax as we explain why it’s a no-no! Some people are in desperate need of a dose of reality! The scalp-popping fad on TikTok is hastily extracting a handful of your most prized strands, twisting them, and making a popping sound. This trend has, for some strange reason, become the newest thing for creators to try out.

After TikToker @yanasemerly posted a video of herself and a buddy, the pointless trend got a lot of traction. Her companion takes a fistful of her hair, twists it softly clockwise, and then yanks it for dear life in her TikTok. Unfortunately, the popping sound is audible.

The sound startles the girls, who react by gasping and laughing. They make the mistake of switching places so the friend may witness it as well. The majority of commenters are enthusiastic about trying out the trend for themselves.

“Try this on me,” said one user.

“Right now, I’m suffering from a headache.” “Is this intended to happen?” says the narrator. Another user made a comment.

Anyone with a smidgeon of common sense would believe that scalp-popping has a negative impact on your general health and hair. Of course, this is correct.

A plastic surgeon in Detroit named Anthony Youn, M.D., detailed how the trend works.

“This is called scalp-popping,” Dr. Youn explained, “where you yank the hair so forcefully that the galea (soft tissue) pops off the skull and makes a popping sound.”

According to Metro UK, Dr. Youn stated in a now-deleted TikTok video that producers must STOP performing this trend IMMEDIATELY.

Dr. Youn stated in the comments, “Please don’t do this.” “It can rip the inside of the scalp, causing a lot of bleeding.” Internal bleeding can cause a variety of symptoms, including lightheadedness, pain, shortness of breath, a high heart rate, and more, according to Verywell Health. Internal bleeding complications can also result in “shock and tissue death.” my scalp… Brinkwire in a nutshell.


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