The Russian royal wedding body language was ‘wonderfully regal,’ displaying ‘intimacy and affection.’


The Russian royal wedding body language was ‘wonderfully regal,’ displaying ‘intimacy and affection.’

On Friday, October 1st, a ROYAL WEDDING took place in Russia for the first time in almost 100 years, and emotions were running high in Russia’s high society in St Petersburg.

There has been no recognized Russian Royal Family or royal weddings since the 1917 Russian Revolution. Grand Duke George Romanov, on the other hand, is the third great-grandson of Russian Emperor Alexander II, and his wedding to Rebecca Bettarini is the first royal wedding in Russia in 104 years. Rebecca Bettarini is the Director of the Russian Imperial Foundation and is the daughter of Italian diplomat Ambassador Roberto Bettarini.

Victoria Romanova is her new name, and she recently converted to Russian Orthodox Christianity.

The wedding took place in St. Isaac’s Cathedral in St. Petersburg, in front of a crowd of solemn faces.

Despite the fact that the bride appeared overcome with emotion, the audience in attendance were not as cheerful as one might expect at a royal wedding.

Judi James, a body language expert, spoke with This website about the Russian royal wedding and examined the bride and groom’s, as well as the audience’s, body language.

“The first Russian royal wedding in 104 years produced what to UK eyes may have appeared to be formal and stoic-looking body language from nearly everyone except the bride and groom themselves, who looked not only touchingly and mutually in love but also keen to share their fun side, too,” Judi said.

“The Russian smile culture differs from our own practice of displaying teeth and grinning as a general gesture of courtesy and friendliness.

“Most of the time, our grins are phony and done as a social ritual.

“However, for many Russians, a grin is viewed as something that should be more real, less toothy, and less appropriate for usage with strangers, therefore it may be easy to misinterpret some of the guests’ facial expressions.”

“As they exchanged rings, the Grand Duke and his bride exchanged bright smiles and expressions of shared laughter.”

“As he brought his wife down the aisle, he gave an air-punch of happiness and even winked at the audience.”

“As soon as the bride’s veil was lifted, the pair leaned in together in a display of shared intimacy and affection,” according to Brinkwire Summary News.


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