The rumors of Jooheon and Chungha dating have been debunked, and fans are making jokes about the Monsta X star’s clothes.


The two idols were seen at a wedding ‘together’ but fans only had eyes for Jooheon’s outfit

On October 9, Chungha attended the wedding of Ttotto, her backup dancer and long-time friend. Turns out that even Monsta X’s Jooheon aka Joohoney was present. A Twitter user suggested that the two K-pop idols had probably gone as each other’s dates and were in a relationship. However, the tweet backfired as OP (original poster) was ratioed for the tweet with fans of Monsta X and Chungha shutting down the rumor. And at the same time, Monbebes (Monsta X’s fandom) had the time of their life joking about Jooheon’s wedding outfit.

In the past, Chungha has firmly told her fans not to ‘ship’ her with other people as there were rumors that she was dating her backup dancer. So when some Byulharangs (Chungha’s fandom) found OP’s tweet they asked them to delete it causing the tweet to blow up with Chungha trending on Twitter. Monbebes ended up finding the tweet and the two fanbases got together to instead poke fun at Jooheon who was wearing a black t-shirt to the wedding.

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OP links Monsta X’s Jooheon and Chungha

With dating being considered almost taboo in the K-pop industry, idols do not even interact if they have friends that are of the opposite genders. Several outspoken delusional fans end up sending hate because of which dating and friendship with artists of opposite genders have become a sensitive topic. With the industry being this conservative, even the smallest connection between idols of opposite genders has some fans shipping them and making theories. However, Monbebes and Byulharangs handled the tweet about Chungha and Jooheon deftly.

While asking OP to delete it so that trolls do not use it to target the idols, they joked about it and made memes to lighten the situation. A Byulharang tweeted, “Chungha please come back they lost it.” Another posted, “Chungha hates being shipped with other people plz delete.” One added that there would be nothing wrong if the two idols were friends, “My girl is a social butterfly so ofc she’s gonna have some male friends.” Another shared, “It’s like the concept of being friends doesn’t exist anymore.” One firmly added, “Can’t believe i have to say this but let’s not speculate about chungha personal life it is none of our business.” “Listen.. I just want a Chungha Jooheon collab.. tv drama,. Brinkwire Brief News.


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