The Royal Navy’s £100 million plane crashed ‘due to a cheap rain cover being left on.’


The Royal Navy’s £100 million plane crashed ‘due to a cheap rain cover being left on.’

The F-45 fighter plane crashed into the Mediterranean Sea after a cheap plastic cover was apparently left on as the Royal Navy searches for wreckage containing top-secret equipment.

A £100 million fighter plane crashed after a plastic rain cover was left on it during take-off, according to reports.

The plastic cover is thought to have been sucked into the Navy’s flagship F-35 Lightning’s engine after takeoff as it flew down the aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth.

According to a source who spoke to The Sun, the Navy pilot “knew nearly immediately away” and attempted to abort take-off, but was forced to eject after coming to a stop on the runway.

Sailors observed the cheap red cover bobbing in the waves after the fighter plane fell into the Mediterranean, according to reports.

“The covers and engine blanks are intended to be removed before takeoff,” a source stated.

“It’s done by the ground crew, and they’re really stringent about it.” The pilot then walks around.” According to the Sun, the pilot’s parachute hooked on to the ship as he evacuated the cockpit because he was so close to it.

According to sources, investigators believe the crash was caused by human error and oversight.

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They also stated that no other F-35s were grounded because the problem was not caused by an internal problem with the plane.

According to reports, a US Navy salvage squad is attempting to recover the wreck in order to prevent Russian submarines from stealing the ship’s top-secret equipment.

The event is currently being investigated, according to the Ministry of Defence. The Royal Navy has been contacted for comment by the Brinkwire.


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