The Rise of Skywalker ‘: Why wouldn’t it work to keep Ben Solo alive?


Star Wars fans have studied aspects of the movies over the years and speculated about how certain things could have worked out differently.

And Ben Solo is only one character who, with various views, has inspired several discussions. Some fans believe it was the best decision in the sequel series to kill off the character, while others have a different take on things.

A look back on the “Star Wars” movies.

Audiences were able to obtain a greater understanding of Darth Vader and his history with the introduction of Anakin Skywalker as a child in Star Wars: The Dark Menace. In Star Wars: A New Dream, audiences had a comparable introduction to the young Luke Skywalker and watched his transformation as he learned to use the Force.

In a familiar tug-of-war between the light and dark sides of the Force, the Star Wars sequel trilogy has brought us new characters – Rey, Finn and Poe, to name a few.

And Kylo Ren/Ben Solo, even though he came from a long line of Jedis, was a new intimidating character portraying the dark side.

Hey, who’s Ben Solo?

‘Star Wars’: According to Adam Driver, Kylo Ren has a very depressing backstory

The son of Han Solo and Princess Leia was Ben Solo, introduced in ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens.’

As such, with the Energy, he was strong and Luke taught him to be a Jedi.

But the dark side seduced him and he ended up murdering his Jedi students and joining Supreme Leader Snoke, Darth Sidious’s marionette. He called himself Kylo Ren and performed First Order missions.

It becomes apparent as the sequel trilogy progresses that Ben is conflicted about his relation to the Dark Side. He also has a soft spot for his mother and for Rey as he commits great acts of evil, including murdering his own father. Ben eventually risks a life of his own to save Rey.

‘Star Wars’ fans are divided over the death of Ben Solo

Fans addressed the death of Ben Solo in the sequel trilogy in a Reddit article.

“If you leave Ben alive at the end, it’s so hard to deal with the consequences of the horrible things he did as Kylo,”If you leave Ben alive at the end, it’s so difficult to deal with the consequences of the horrible things he did as Kylo did. “How would you handle Ben getting justice for his crimes?”

This reasoning was repeated by many commenters.

‘Death was the only likely end,’ another individual said. “It’s not like he could have walked into the Resistance camp at the end and said, ‘I’m sorry for all the murders.’ Like Vader, he sacrificed his life to defeat Palpatine.”

Others felt Ben should have lived and atoned for his sins, but they agreed that to make it satisfying, this would have taken significant airtime.

One fan said, “There absolutely should have been scenes of him interacting/fighting with the resistance so it would make more sense when they forgive him later,”

Ultimately, most critics thought that the death of Ben Solo was the perfect way to tie up both the character and the plot, although they wished he could have lived.


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