The ‘RHOA’ Couple Is Supposedly Having Relationship Issues.


The ‘RHOA’ Couple Is Supposedly Having Relationship Issues.

Sheree Whitfield’s return to Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Atlanta has viewers eagerly anticipating an update on her love life. Whitfield’s focus on promoting her blooming relationship with her on-again, off-again lover, former party producer Tyrone Gilliams, has been highlighted by various blogs. However, according to TMZ, her plot may be jeopardized. After a significant conflict over filming a sequence for the next 14th season, Whitfield and Gilliams are no longer speaking.

Gilliams, who is currently under house arrest in Philadelphia after being freed early due to COVID-19 in his prison, apparently hasn’t spoken to Whitfield since November 6, according to the media source. Williams was suspected of being the mastermind of a large-scale Ponzi scam.

Gilliams and Whitfield had a falling out when Whitfield informed him that she was flying from New York to Philadelphia to see him. She allegedly informed him that the RHOA cameras would be present to film their lunch rendezvous.

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However, due to his house arrest release and continuous monitoring, Gilliams apparently declined to attend. He was apparently frightened of his curfew being disrupted by the production schedule. According to reports, the RHOA production team advised Gilliams’ lawyers that the scene would be modified to make it appear as if Gilliams had dumped her on their date. Online photos of Whitfield eating alone in a restaurant in downtown Philadelphia have surfaced.

After an explosive Season 10 reunion, Whitfield was reportedly fired from the show. Much of her final season was devoted to keeping her and Gilliams’ romance going while he was in prison. She admitted that she and Gilliams shared a strong emotional bond.

She was assisting him with an appeal at the time, and she stated that if he lost, she would not wait for him. His appeal was unsuccessful, and they had a brief falling out before reconciling in time for his discharge. During her appearance on Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happens Live, she stated that she was single.

Whitfield, not Gilliams, has spoken about being on the outs. Whitfield was previously married to former NFL player Bob Whitfield. During her first four seasons on the show, her divorce and child support fight were documented. They also reconciled briefly before splitting up in Season 9 after Bob made a joke about physically hurting Sheree.


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