The return of Jeremy Clarkson to Amazon Prime has been confirmed, but it will not be for Clarkson’s Farm.


The return of Jeremy Clarkson to Amazon Prime has been confirmed, but it will not be for Clarkson’s Farm.

JEREMY CLARKSON’S series Clarkson’s Farm will return to Amazon Prime Video at the end of the month, barely weeks after it premiered.

Fans of Clarkson’s Farm will be disappointed to learn that Jeremy Clarkson will not be returning to the fields anytime soon. Instead, the motoring guru will star alongside Richard Hammond and James May in the next episode of The Grand Tour Presents: Lochdown on Amazon Prime. On July 30, Jeremy and his coworkers will return to the streaming service with a double bill special.

As the UK was put on lockdown as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, Jeremy, Richard, and James embark on a Lockdown Special to commemorate the amazing 1970s American vehicles they saw on TV as youngsters.

They also wanted to know why, considering that their fathers were all driving horrible Austin Allegros, these incredible vehicles never took off in the United Kingdom.

The trio will drive a Cadillac Coupe De Ville, a Lincoln Continental, and a Buick Riviera, as driven by Elvis Presley, Jock Ewing of Dallas fame, and Clint Eastwood, respectively.

While the trio will not be traveling, each automobile will be utilized to take a road trip throughout Scotland, and the next installment is promising to be the funniest, most action-packed journey yet.

Jeremy, James, and Richard will wreak havoc on Edinburgh’s streets before facing Abbie in a racetrack showdown.

They’ll also be taking part in a massive Cold War firefight featuring the worst Soviet and American cars ever built.

Following a series of mishaps, the group will find themselves homeless in the Highlands.

Fortunately, it will provide them with the opportunity to dine at a Pizza Express.

When showrunner Andy Wilman asks the trio to modify their automobiles and travel to the Outer Hebrides for their toughest test yet, they will gladly accept.

They must create a makeshift floating bridge across the Hebridean sea in the distant regions of Scotland, capable of supporting them and their big cars on a risky journey to their final destination.

Will the trio make it to the Outer Hebrides and how will their voyage end?

The revelation will no doubt excite Jeremy’s fans, who have been waiting for him to return to television after the success of Clarkson’s Farm.


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