The return of All Creatures Great and Small has been confirmed by Channel 5, according to an exciting update.


The return of All Creatures Great and Small has been confirmed, as Channel 5 has shared an exciting update.

ALL CREATURES GREAT AND SMALL has been renewed by Channel 5 for a third and fourth season.

The wholesome family show, based on the iconic collection of stories written by best-selling author James Herriot, triumphed in the UK, with an average of 4.1 million viewers tuning in over the course of the series.

Long-time fans will find irresistible escapism as the story follows the author Alf Wight’s heartwarming tales under the pen name James.

Nicholas Ralph (James Herriot), Rachel Shenton (Helen Alderson), and Anna Madeley (Mrs Hall) are among the cast members.

As the third series of Skeldale House returns to Channel 5, viewers will be transported to Spring 1939 with the Skeldale House family.

A dark cloud hangs over the Dales, and the prospect of another World War has Darrowby residents worried.

Unfortunately for lovebirds James and Helen, their next chapter begins as the uncertainty of the wider world begins to set in.

The show will be filmed in the scenic Yorkshire Dales and North York Moors, much to the delight of fans, as it returns to its original location.

Ben Vanstone, the show’s lead writer, will also return for the latest episode.

David Harper’s departure from Bargain Hunt was due to a variety of factors.

“It is clear that our viewers adore James Herriot’s adventures in Darrowby, and so do we at Channel 5,” said Sebastian Cardwell of Channel 5.

“I’m looking forward to us all being reunited with the Skeldale House family when series three hits our screens this year,” he continued.

After a third series was confirmed, actor Samuel West, who played Siegfreid Farnon, opened up about the timeless classic.

“That will be pretty much to the model we established this year, six episodes and a Christmas episode,” the star said on the Talkshire podcast.

“So, from the beginning of March to the beginning of July, we filmed for four months.”

As a result, the Dales are at their peak once more.”

The actor also provided insight into the characters’ emotions as they prepare to face a major setback.

“We had hoped for peace,” he said, “but now we’re heading into a war that will be felt very strongly in the community’s working life.”

There will be a series.

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