The Real Reason Xochitl Gomez Isn’t Playing Dawn in ‘The Babysitters Club’ Any Longer


Season 2 of The Baby-Sitters Club has already taken some turns. One of its biggest surprises, however, isn’t even related to the exciting plot twists. Dawn, one of our favorite characters in the BSC, looks a bit different. In fact, she’s a whole new person! But what happened to the original Dawn?

As it turns out, Xochitl Gomez, who played Dawn in Season 1 of The Baby-Sitters Club, was unable to return for Season 2. Why did Xochitl leave, and who’s taking over as the new Dawn?

Like most actors who have to leave projects that they love, Xochitl was unable to take part in the second season of The Baby-Sitters Club due to a scheduling conflict. But what could be a higher priority than taking part in the Emmy-winning series? Well, there are a few things that would be more enticing, and a major role in a blockbuster hit is one of them.

Xochitl was cast as America Chavez, also known as Miss America, in Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness, set to release in 2022. The movie’s already getting a lot of hype between the multiversal madness we’ve already experienced in Loki and What If…?, but now with the addition of Xochitl as Miss America, we couldn’t be more pumped.

Miss America is a Latinx hero who also identifies as a lesbian. Although she’s not the first MCU LGBTQ hero (Loki beat her to it), she’s still definitely making waves in the role. It’s likely that although this will be the first time we see Xochitl in the role, Miss America will be back for more Marvel properties and could even get her own television series in the future.

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Although Xochitl was sad to leave, and her co-stars were sad to see her go, everything seemed very amicable. In a video in which Xochitl’s co-stars — Sophie Grace, Momona Tamada, Shay Rudolph, and Malia Baker — wish her well at her new job, everyone was very emotional but proud and happy for Xochitl! Once they gave Xochitl a proper send-off, they welcomed the new Dawn: Kyndra Sanchez.

We’re so proud of Xochitl Gomez, who landed a cool new job … but sadly can’t return to The Baby-Sitters Club — so we’re… Brinkwire short summary.


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