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Harvey Weinstein was not the only beast in Hollywood. Fans can see how unethical and scandalous the film industry actually is, due to the many victims who came forward during the #MeToo campaign.

But the phenomenon is not new.

There had been other predators lurking behind the cameras before Weinstein. In Hollywood, scandals are essentially as old as Hollywood itself.

Yet viewers are beginning to see old stars in a new light after all of the revelations. Errol Flynn is one of the stars that, in a modern light, may not look fine.

Errol Flynn was a natural star of the movie,

Maybe Flynn wasn’t as big a name as other old Hollywood greats, but in his day, he was famous. He looked fine for the tastes of the moment, and in front of the camera he was glowing.

But from the beginning of his career, he had issues and possibly shouldn’t have done it on a film set in the first place.

According to, Flynn was kicked off the theater stage in England after reportedly pushing a woman down the stairs.

He landed a deal with Warner Brothers to work in Hollywood amid his troubled background and appeared in some of their biggest hits. In Captain Blood, which came out in 1935, his breakthrough role was. He appeared in a few more hits in the late 1930s, including The Adventures of Robin Hood, in which he played the part of the hero himself, Robin Hood.

Yet his stardom was used by him to finance a wild lifestyle. According to Vanity Fair, he couldn’t escape his proclivities for long and was convicted of rape in the 1940s by two teenagers. He was acquitted and got a few more roles here and there, but he was never to play a leading role again.

R. Both Kelly and Errol Flynn had encounters with underage girls

R. Kelly was supposedly attacked in jail, and some fans aren’t exactly sympathetic.

Sadly, it was not the scandal that put the final nail in Flynn’s career coffin. His lifestyle had taken its toll, and by the age of 40, he was no longer the looker he once was.

However, Flynn’s tale recalls another modern entertainer with a past that is equally scandalous. R. Kelly was a young, up-and-coming artist with a promising future, just like Flynn. Like Flynn, the predatory actions of Kelly took him down.

R. Due to the charges against him, Kelly practically lost everything. Numerous women have come forward alleging that Kelly raped them or assaulted them. He is now awaiting trial in an Illinois prison, totally destitute, according to Kelly. On several streaming sites, his music is no longer played, and several radio stations have completely taken him off the air.

In a post-#MeToo era, Errol Flynn would not have survived.

The contrast between Flynn and Kelly is a testament to how far as a culture we have come.

Although Kelly lost everything, including his record deal with Sony, Flynn was actually defended when teenagers came forward to accuse him of rape. In this day and age, it’s hard to imagine a studio sending its own lawyers to represent an actor accused of such a heinous crime, but that’s exactly what Warner Brothers did for Flynn.

Flynn, unlike Kelly, did not lose his job due to his crimes. He continued to get roles in major films, even though he was no longer the lead. It was his hard drinking, not his crimes against women and children, that caused him to eventually lose it all. Like Kelly, Flynn was to end up penniless in the 1950s. He died in 1959, at the age of only 50.

At the time of his death, he was living in Alaska with an 18-year-old actress.


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