The Queen writes a touching letter to the woman who painted Prince Philip’s “pretty bad” portrait.


The Queen writes a touching letter to the woman who painted Prince Philip’s “pretty bad” portrait.

THE QUEEN thanked a woman who painted Prince Philip after his funeral in a heartfelt letter.

Prince Philip’s funeral moved Honor Morrison, 23, so much that she spent four hours painting a “really horrible” image of the Duke. She hung the canvas in her living room in St Albans, Hertfordshire, for a few weeks before deciding it was “scary.”

“His death just struck a cord with me,” Ms Morrison added. It was a beautiful afternoon, and I was itching to paint, but I couldn’t think of anyone else to paint because Prince Philip was constantly on television.

“I’m not trying to be harsh, but his wrinkled face made for an excellent topic. I finished it in four hours and kept it for a few weeks in the house.

“It looked a little eerie, and I had the impression he was watching me. I didn’t want it in my house any more, but I didn’t want to throw it away.”

Ms Morrison joked on TikTok that if her video earned more than 1,000 likes, she would send the photo to Buckingham Palace.

Her video quickly went viral, receiving more than 150k views and over 21k likes.

So she mailed her package to the Queen, along with a touching condolence letter, and Ms Morrison got a letter in the mail this week bearing a Royal Mail ER stamp.

The BBC assistant videotaped herself opening the letter, which contained a unique photo brochure about Prince Philip and a customized message from the Queen.

“The Queen asks me to write and express her heartfelt gratitude for your message of condolences and the lovely artwork you sent on the passing of Her Majesty’s loving husband, The Duke of Edinburgh,” the letter stated.

“The Queen has been very moved by the comments she has received from all across the world, and she is extremely thankful for your caring support for Her Majesty at this time in sending her your thoughtful present.”

Ms Morrison described her reaction to getting the personalized letter as “very emotional.” “I noticed a letter had arrived from Buckingham Palace, which was completely insane!” she said.

“I’m simply incredibly honored and grateful. It’s quite touching, and I wasn’t expecting anything in return. I figured mailing a hefty package to Buckingham Palace would suffice. ”Brinkwire Summary News,” as it is known.


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