The Queen watches the Trooping of the Colour for her official birthday while wearing a beautiful aquamarine brooch.


The Queen watches the Trooping of the Colour for her official birthday while wearing a beautiful aquamarine brooch.

Today, for the monarch’s formal birthday, QUEEN ELIZABETH II observed the Trooping of the Colour parade. The Queen wore a grey suit with a rare blue and silver brooch for the occasion.

Every year on the monarch’s official birthday, the Trooping of the Colour parade takes place. Although Queen Elizabeth II celebrated her 95th birthday in April, the formal birthday of a British monarch is usually in June.

The Queen arrived at Windsor Castle’s Quadrangle at 11 a.m. today to witness the Trooping of the Colour in her honor.

The Duke of Kent accompanied Her Majesty to her seat.

The Queen wore a beautiful grey coat dress with a matching hat for the important event.

Today was no exception for Queen Elizabeth II, who is rarely seen without a brooch.

Her Majesty wore the Aquamarine Art Deco brooch with her grey ensemble.

The brooch is a rare jewel in the Queen’s large collection, with an aquamarine stone at its center and diamonds surrounding it.

This is an extremely uncommon brooch.

The Queen Mother originally owned the item, which was passed down to Queen Elizabeth II in 2002.

The focal aquamarine on the brooch is rectangular and vivid blue.

It also includes diamonds and other smaller aquamarines.

The brooch’s distinctive shape and style, according to the Court Jeweller, suggests that it might be split and worn as a pair of clips.

The brooch comes from at least the 1930s, and one of its first public appearances was in 1939, when the Queen Mother wore it to Windsor Castle to meet with French President Lebrun.

When Queen Elizabeth II’s mother died in 2002, the brooch was given to her, but it was kept in a jewelry box for more than a decade.

Her Majesty made her first public appearance with the brooch in June 2014, when she wore it to the Royal Ascot.

The monarch wore the brooch with a pale blue gown, a ribboned straw hat, and her signature pearl necklaces at the period.

Her Majesty wore her three pearl strings today, as well as a grey cap that matched her coat outfit.

Lemon-colored flowers adorned the neckline of the coat dress, which had buttons along the front.

It was designed by Angela Kelly, a British fashion designer who previously worked as a Senior Dresser. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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