The Queen star’s fantastic defense of how he lived and loved is titled “Freddie was not ashamed.”


The Queen star’s fantastic defense of how he lived and loved is titled “Freddie was not ashamed.”

A CLOSE FRIEND OF FREDDIE MERCURY explains how the Queen star dealt with criticism and betrayal, as well as why he kept his sexuality “secret.”

Today marks the thirty-fifth anniversary of Freddie’s death.

He had only revealed to the world two days before that he was battling HIV and AIDS, but he never mentioned that he was gay.

Despite being one of the greatest entertainers of all time and a natural showman, Queen’s frontman was extremely private and shy, according to those closest to him.

However, he had dealt with constant public speculation about his sexuality as well as personal heartbreak and betrayal during his long and extremely high-profile career.

“When Freddie was alive, he didn’t talk about his private life,” said Peter Freestone, the star’s long-time PA and personal friend.

He never went into hiding.

He was never seen in disguise.

He understood he was public property when he left Garden Lodge.

When he went shopping, the closest he got to a disguise was dark glasses.

He was himself when he went to bars.

“He was unafraid to do anything or go anywhere.

“That was just Freddie,” says the narrator.

So, if he wasn’t ashamed, why did he hide his sexuality from the world?’

In a new video, Peter explains that, first and foremost, when Freddie first accepted and then acted on his attraction to men in the mid-1970s, it was a very different time.

Even as gay rights and visibility improved in the 1980s, it remained a major issue for celebrities.

Then, of course, AIDS struck, and many people’s perceptions of the gay community were tainted.

Freddie’s silence, however, was not for his own protection.

“He never spoke about himself because if he did, it would reflect on the band,” Peter explains.

Freddie never wanted anything to detract from Queen’s image.”

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Even more recent events, such as the recent Olympic Games, where Tom Daley’s sexuality was constantly referenced in the press, are compared by Peter.

“Freddie knew it would happen as soon as it was out in the open,” Peter continued.

That’s what he didn’t want and why he’d never done it before.

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