The Property Brothers Aren’t Americans, as you might have guessed.


The Property Brothers Aren’t American, to be sure.

Some reality TV stars manage to break out and become “breakout” stars, transcending their respective niches.

Take, for example, the Property Brothers.

Even if you don’t sit on the couch ogling open concepts and bemoaning people’s design choices while shoveling tortilla chips into your face, there’s a good chance you’ve heard of these two men.

Is that where Jonathan and Drew Scott are from, despite their enormous popularity in America?

Jonathan and Drew are from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, and they appear on one of the most popular design shows on American television.

Drew and Jonathan Scott were raised on a ranch and started riding horses at the age of three.

There are also numerous pictures of them enjoying the outdoors and going on camping trips.

“We’re not putting maple syrup and Canadian flags in our work,” Drew explained to Reader’s Digest about how growing up in Canada influenced their work.

“When we renovated our parents’ home outside of Calgary, we installed a Rundle rock fireplace that looked exactly like the one we had growing up.”

Jim Scott, Jonathan and Drew’s father, was born in Scotland before moving to Western Canada and working as an assistant director.

Jim and Joanne married in 1966 and had their first son, JD, in 1976, followed by their (surprise) twin boys in 1978.

After 51 years of marriage in Scotland, the couple renewed their vows in 2017 and finally had the wedding they always wanted.

Despite their Canadian upbringing, the brothers now call Los Angeles home.

Drew and his wife Linda live in a Tudor-style home with a guest suite, rooftop deck, and a craft room, which Linda calls “absolutely my most favorite room in the house.”

Jonathan, on the other hand, shares a home in Los Angeles with his girlfriend, actress Zooey Deschanel, as well as a home with his twin brother.

Zooey said of her HGTV star boyfriend, “They don’t look alike at all.”

“And their personalities are so dissimilar that they don’t appear to be related to me.”

Jonathan also agrees with New Girl fans who believe the actor is “dating up.”

“It denotes…

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