The producer of Wonder Woman 1984 admits the film may be too long


Early on, one of the most awaited films of 2020 was Wonder Woman 1984, so naturally, after theaters closed, everyone wondered when the film would be released.

Finally, on Christmas Day, Warner Bros. sent director Patty Jenkins’ film to theaters and to HBO Max.

But Jenkins now acknowledges that one of the biggest critiques could actually come from Wonder Woman 1984.

Many fans and analysts are not enthusiastic about ‘Wonder Woman 1984’

“Wonder Woman 1984″ right off the bat, becoming the biggest box office hit since the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic began.

Fans who had waited months to see the film were able to see it at home thanks to its unique release strategy.

The response to Wonder Woman 1984, sadly, was less than glowing.

The film has divided both fans and critics.

The story, which revolves around a magical object that can grant desires, is one of the biggest critiques. Wonder Woman 1984 is highly inspired by the cliched transformation of Kristen Wiig from a nerdy do-gooder to a glamorous cat woman. Moreover, the questionable nature of Chris Pine’s return as Steve Trevor has been pointed out by other critics.

But the problem is larger.

Director Patty Jenkins has a shocking four-film strategy for Gal Gadot’s Amazon superheroine, ‘Wonder Woman’

The movie doesn’t have to be 2 1/2 hours long, director Patty Jenkins admits.

Just as fans were curious about how Steve Trevor was resurrected by Wonder Woman in 1984, the film should have followed a simpler direction. The decision to overcomplicate things, according to some fans, is symptomatic of the fact that the film is just too long.

Wonder Woman 1984 is almost the longest film to date in the DC Extended Universe, at a full two and a half hours.

And speaking to Collider about the length of the film, Jenkins admits she has no interest in a cut by a producer.

But she appreciates a film which takes its time, citing as classic examples Superman: The Movie and Raiders of the Lost Ark.

In Wonder Woman 1984, the influence of those two films – especially the first one – is quite clear.

There’s nothing sluggish about it if you look at Superman or Raiders of the Lost Ark. We’ve gone through the films very quickly now, but that doesn’t make me feel an emotion,”If you look at Superman or Raiders of the Lost Ark, there’s nothing slow about it. We’ve gone very fast in the movies now, but that doesn’t make an emotion for me,” “But I’m also a director, so who knows? Maybe I indulge myself and just play around too long in scenes to keep the movie going. Usually directors do that if you leave them alone.”

‘Wonder Woman 1984’ star Kristen Wiig knows she’s not part of a superhero movie.

Can Warner Bros. put her up for ‘Wonder Woman 3’ in her place?

The comments by Jenkins indicate Warner Bros. gave her free rein on “Wonder Woman 1984.” She also claims that from the final cut she only only cut one produced scene. This decision fits, of course, with how well the first film was received.

But the studio might not grant Jenkins the same independence next time around, depending on how fans feel about Wonder Woman 1984.

Jenkins has, after all, formally agreed to direct Wonder Woman 3. In addition to the return of Jenkins and the star Gal Gadot, little is known about the film.

But a future where Warner Bros. pushes back further on running time is easy to imagine.

Fans will have plenty of chances to examine Wonder Woman 1984 for now, which is now being streamed on HBO Max.


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