The producer of “Euphoria” would reshoot season 1 for 80 minutes, but he would never alter these two things.


While the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) has brought the development of season 2 of Euphoria to a standstill, the series’ popularity has hardly suffered. In reality, since its premiere in the summer of 2019, Euphoria has been celebrated by viewers and critics alike.

In these odd times, the show gives an unimpeded glimpse at what it’s like to come of age.

The series finds new fans every day with a talented cast and believable storylines.

It’s no secret that Euphoria season 1 has been really good. Even before the first season premiered, HBO ordered season 2 of the series. Six Emmy awards were given to the film, including a win for Zendaya, which made her the youngest leading actress in a drama series.

The cast also made it really clear how proud they are of the series and how as soon as it’s safe, they can’t wait to start filming again.

Sam Levinson, the producer of ‘Euphoria,’ would love to reshoot much of season 1.

Of course, there has also been some criticism of “Euphoria”. One big critique is that the series for younger audiences is too risky.

But funnily enough, none other than the individual who made it is one individual who is hypercritical of the sequence. Sam Levinson, who produced and wrote the series and directed most of the episodes in the first season, told us in an interview with GQ that he always thinks about stuff he might have done differently.

Part 2: Jules – 24 January @HBO and @hbomax Hunter Schafer (@hunters) 7 December 2020 ‘Euphoria’ Cast Member reflects on filming in a ‘Mental Hospital’ where 40 people were killed

“I’m also very self-critical,” Levinson shares how he looks back on ‘Euphoria’s first season.’ “If HBO would let me, I would literally go back and change plot lines and reshoot 80 percent of the first season.” Like many artists, Levinson is always coming up with fresh ideas and discovering new ways to tell his stories.

But despite certain perfectionist tendencies, the writer admits there are two aspects he absolutely wouldn’t change about Season 1 of Euphoria.

Levinson would not have thought of swapping the cast

“The one thing I wouldn’t change is the cast and their spirit,”The one thing that I will not change is the cast and their spirit. “The spirit is what I think we need to protect going forward.” Levinson has been thinking hard about the spirit of the series, particularly given all the downtime between Season 1 and Season 2. With all that extra time, Euphoria’s reactions became more open to him than ever before. Nevertheless, he is determined to stay creatively free and continue to explore the complex community of characters he has created.

Lucky to have returned. On Youtube, watch the full video: euphoria (@euphoriaHBO) December 8, 2020 What the maker of ‘Euphoria’ hopes for Season 2 and beyond

Levinson revealed, remembering some of the drawbacks of becoming a novelist, “It’s really hard to insulate yourself from the reactions and write from a place of creative freedom because you know what people liked or didn’t like,” “I just hope that we can continue to explore and stay curious and experiment so that the series can grow in every way.” We look forward to seeing how Season 2 is progressing with Euphoria. The special episodes should keep us well amused until then.


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