The pregnancies of Charmaine and Mel are revealed in the Virgin River plot hole, which is a huge blunder.


Plot hole in Virgin River: Huge blunder with Charmaine and Mel’s pregnancies revealed.

Many VIRGIN RIVER fans believe Mel and Charmaine’s mysterious pregnancies don’t add up.

Mel Monroe (Alexandra Breckenridge) is pregnant, but she doesn’t know who the father is, as the fourth season of Netflix’s hit smalltown drama came to a shocking conclusion.

With a new season of Virgin River on the way, viewers may have already noticed some major flaws in the previous seasons.

Mel’s dilemma at the end of Virgin River season four has a simple solution, according to fans.

Mel learns that her IVF treatment was successful and that she is now pregnant at the start of the finale, A Wedding, No Funeral, and a Baby.

There’s a chance her boyfriend and potential fianc√©, Jack Sheridan (Martin Henderson), is the father.

Meanwhile, Charmaine Roberts (Lauren Hammersley), his former friend-with-benefits, is still convinced that her twins are Jack’s.

With so many unanswered questions hanging over the upcoming fifth season of Virgin River, Mel and Jack may find themselves raising a child they aren’t sure is biologically theirs.

Despite the final twist before the season four credits rolled, some viewers aren’t convinced the mystery will be solved anytime soon.

One perplexed fan recently asked on Reddit why Mel can’t just find out who the father is when the baby is born.

“I don’t know why Mel can’t just do a paternity test and wrap this whole story line up,” wrote user Cool-Fun-6796.

Once Mel’s child is born, a simple test should be able to determine their parentage and put an end to Virgin River’s latest conundrum.

However, based on Charmaine’s progress throughout the series, Mel may not be ready to give birth for some time.

Mel may be pregnant for the entirety of season four before giving birth in the follow-up, as Virgin River has been renewed for both a fourth and fifth season.

Regardless, Mel and the viewers should find out who the baby’s father in less than a single episode.


Another fan was dissatisfied with Mel’s child-planning strategy in the finale.

“This entire story is so stupid and unrealistic,” said Redditor Weibu11.

“You don’t just dial the doctor’s number and.

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