The Poodle victory of The Masked Singer is’sealed,’ as star says of the series: ‘Fantastic!’


The Poodle victory of The Masked Singer is’sealed,’ as star says of the series: ‘Fantastic!’

Despite not knowing who else is in the competition, Gloria Hunniford, star of THE MASKED SINGER, has dropped a major hint as to who she thinks will win the series.

Gloria Hunniford was the second celebrity to be eliminated from ITV’s The Masked Singer.

Gloria dressed up as a Snow Leopard and performed Peggy Lee’s Big Spender, but Jonathon Ross quickly figured out who she was.

Gloria revealed who her favorite character was and that she didn’t know who they were in an exclusive interview with This website.

“I thought the person who sang Rocketman before me was fantastic,” Gloria said when asked about her favorite character so far.

“I have no idea who that is, and I was in my little dressing room off stage because I was up next, and when I heard that song, I thought to myself, ‘Oh my god, I don’t stand a chance here.’

“I thought it was fantastic, and someone said it was the best version they’d heard,” she predicted confidently. “I don’t think I’d be disappointed if he or she won.”

“One of my sons, Michael, was able to get into the performance, and when he sat down, he realized the magnitude of the show, the size of the stage,” Gloria continued.

“When the singer of Rocketman appeared on stage, he exclaimed, ‘Oh, my God, mum.’

They have to come to our house and sing!’

“There’s also a part of you that doesn’t want to disappoint your family, colleagues, or friends, so I’m glad I got away with it!”

However, the identity of the celebrity behind the Poodle costume has yet to be revealed.

Fans, on the other hand, believe they’ve figured out the identity after spotting the “long walkies” clue.

Viewers took to Twitter to speculate about who might be behind the Poodle mask, with @DurhamFox asking, “Is Poodle Eddie Izzard?”

“Like glamours and once did long walkies?” added @rluctntadulting. “Poodle is Eddie Izzard?” added @rluctntadulting.

“Eddie Izzard has run marathons,” @dh8641 agreed, writing on Twitter.

Walks are something I’m not sure about.

Poodle is my guess!”

After Heather Small was revealed as the Chandelier on, Gloria was the second person to be eliminated from the show.

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