The performer of ITV’s Midsomer Murders reveals that they ‘wouldn’t flick on’ to see the drama.


The performer of ITV’s Midsomer Murders reveals that they ‘wouldn’t flick on’ to see the drama.

Neil Dudgeon, star of MIDSOMER MURDERS, spoke out about the show’s revival and how he wouldn’t watch himself in it.

DCI John Barnaby and DS Jamie Winter are returning in the heart-stopping ITV murder mystery, which returns to screens this October. For more than 20 years, fans have been enthralled by the longest-running detective drama. DCI Barnaby actor Neil Dudgeon confessed that he wouldn’t watch the show if he wasn’t in it.

“I always saw myself as the Geoffrey Boycott in the side, not the The Flash-ing Blade,” Dudgeon told

“You go in there and sit at the crease for days on end, grinding out the innings, and then you put in Claire Bloom and she whacks the ball out of the ground.

“I don’t think people will switch Midsomer to watch myself,” he stated modestly. “I wouldn’t switch on and watch me since I get enough of myself at home.”

Millions of people tune in to see Dudgeon and co-star Nick Hendrix solve bizarre cases and heinous murders.

Dudgeon’s persona has solved approximately 150 fatalities, the majority of which would not occur in everyday life.

“I’ve always felt our deaths are sort of magical,” he said. “They’re not the kinds of ways that people are normally worried about dying.”

Dudgeon also discussed how the coronavirus epidemic had a good impact on the show and raised the number of viewers for each episode over the past two years.

He explained that due of the shutdown, everyone binge-watched two years of Midsomer Murders on foreign channels, and he called it “wonderful” that people enjoy the show.

Dudgeon also discussed his concern of catching Covid and the pressure he felt while filming the show with 80 to 100 people on set.

“If you took that out of last year, it would be a pretty good life lesson: you behave in a way that looks out for the other fella rather than just yourself.”

Resuming filming for the next series felt “like breaking out of prison,” and he imagined they were filming a post-apocalyptic Midsomer.

Midsomer Murders aired two episodes of season 22 in April 2020 before being canceled due to the epidemic.

“Everyone is delighted to get back to work,” Dudgeon stated at the time of filming’s resumption. “Sadly, there won’t be as much embracing and kissing on site.”


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