The partnership between Prince Harry and Prince William is “never going to be the same,” Royal Expert alerts.


There have been several rumors of the Prince Harry and Prince William feud, and while one royal analyst claims that things will finally be settled by the two, he also believes that their relationship will never be the same.

The Royal specialist expressed his views on the feud of Prince Harry and Prince William

In a January 2021 interview, author Robert Lacey shared his thoughts on the feud with Elle, admitting that he initially “didn’t believe the story about the rift was true, but friends close to the family say that William is just as temperamental as Harry, and that both are scarred by the experience.”

He went on to explain how the queen decided to address it at a family dinner when Prince Harry and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, revealed their intention to retire from their royal duties, but Prince William would not be attending. Lacey said, “Friends suspect he was so angry with Harry that he didn’t dare sit at the same table [as him],” “That’s the depth to which the anger went.”

In a 2019 interview, Prince Harry confirmed the feud when he noted, “We’re on different paths right now, but I’ll always be there for him and he’ll always be there for me.” In contrast, Lacey pointed out, “William acted like it didn’t happen, and he’s an old-style royal in that regard.”

In their falling out, how Meghan allegedly played a part

Lacey clarified that, owing to Prince William’s warning to Prince Harry to put the brakes on his relationship with Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, the rift between the brothers was alleged to have emerged. Lacey stated that the subject had been addressed by William with his uncle, Charles Spencer, Princess Diana’s brother.

“We don’t know exactly when it happened, but that was the essence of the argument,”We don’t know exactly when it happened, but that was the essence of the argument.

“We don’t know the details of what he said to Harry, but when he pointed out that this woman he [Harry] loved was a self-made Hollywood celebrity and a self-made millionaire who created her own celebrity, an independent woman like that, who was ambitious and committed to her belief in women’s rights and her desire to promote social change,” Lacey said.

These are radical initiatives, radical impulses; do they fit into the British royal family, which is very healthy and conservative?’ Lacey asked. “If these are the kind of objections and questions that William raised, well, events have proven them right, haven’t they?”

Following the Megxit drama, Prince Harry and Prince William are ‘back in touch’

The expert exchanged thoughts about what Princess Diana would think about the feud.

Of course, it’s hard to assume that if her mother Diana was still alive, this feud would have happened, but Lacey claims things would have been different.

“She would say, ‘Come on guys, it’s time to end this social distancing,'”She’d say, ‘Come on guys, it’s time to put an end to this social gap.’ “No, I don’t think [the feud]would have happened if Diana had been alive. One of the tragedies of her death was that it deprived them [William and Harry] of their more active parent.”

“There is a sense in which William became too close to his mother when things started to go wrong; she lent herself to him and relied on him, which I think robbed him of his youth to some degree and is one of the sources of [William’s] anger,” he added. “I think their emphasis was on getting the guys to talk to each other and say what was on their minds.”

Lacey, however, believed that the brothers would reconcile. “I think [reconciliation]will take place.

Between these brothers, there is a texture and a background, but it is never going to be the same,’ he explained.


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