The origins of Seong Gi-red Hun’s hair have been revealed: why did the Squid Game participant colour his hair?


The origins of Seong Gi-red Hun’s hair have been revealed: why did the Squid Game participant colour his hair?

In the final episode of Netflix sensation Squid Game, SEONG GI-HUN dyed his hair red, but why? Everything you need to know is right here.

The protagonist for Squid Game was Seong Gi-Hun (played by Lee Jung-Jae), with viewers following the South Korean’s tale both inside and outside of the game throughout the course of nine episodes. In a seemingly random moment in the conclusion, the character decides to change his hair color from brown to red, bringing the Netflix series to a close. However, there was a reason for this, and it was crucial to Gi-future Hun’s plans.

Gi-Hun had returned to Seoul a year after winning the Squid Game, which had claimed the lives of 455 other players.

With his mother dying while he was taking part in the life or death event and his daughter living in America, the character had become a lost soul.

He hadn’t used any of the money he’d won in the six previous games, which had piqued the interest of the Squid Game’s designer and player 001, Oh Il-nam (Oh Young-soo).

After inviting Gi-Hun to see him on his deathbed, he explained to player 456 why he had devised such a lethal kind of entertainment for the wealthiest sections of society.

When the old guy died, it appeared that the drama’s protagonist wanted to start again and went to a hair salon.

He requested the hairdresser to make him appear like one of the models with red hair that he saw on the wall.

According to director Hwang Dong-hyuk, it was all part of the plan, and it was done for the finale’s symbolism and where Gi-Hun was in his life.

According to the Korean filmmaker, “This was something I naturally considered. In a hair salon, Gi Hun is pondering how he should change his hair.

“Imagining myself as him, I wondered aloud, ‘What is the color you would never choose to dye your hair?'”

Intuitively, I considered this.

Dong-Hyuk Hwang

In an interview with Zapzee, Dong-hyuk stated, “Then I came to the conclusion that Gi Hun would never tint his hair red.”

The director said, ” “It would be the most insane thing he could possibly do. As a result, “Brinkwire Summary News.”


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