The original director of Space Jam blasts the sequel, calling it a “boring disaster” in which LeBron James “ain’t Michael Jordan.”


The original director of Space Jam blasts the sequel, calling it a “boring disaster” in which LeBron James “ain’t Michael Jordan.”

Joe Pytka, the original director of SPACE JAM, has slammed Space Jam: A New Legacy as a “boring mess,” alleging that LeBron James is no Michael Jordan.

Michael Jordan last starred alongside Bugs Bunny in Space Jam 25 years ago. And, like the original, critics have not been kind to LeBron James’ Space Jam: A New Legacy. Joe Pytka, the director of the first film, was among those who joined them.

According to TMZ, the sequel was “an boring disaster” for the original Space Jam director.

Joe apparently found A New Legacy “so boring” that he had to watch the two-hour film five times.

“The fact is LeBron ain’t Michael,” he remarked, while acknowledging that LeBron is a tremendous basketball player and a decent actor.

Joe contended that in 1996, Michael Jordan was not only the best basketball player in the world, but also the most famous person on the planet.

Joe also felt that Space Jam: A New Legacy lacked the personal connection to LeBron’s life that Michael’s film did, despite the latter’s career as a baseball star.

With Bill Murray and others, the director claimed that his film had a greater supporting cast.

Joe’s major issue with A New Legacy was Bugs Bunny’s “heartbreaking” position, aside from considering the sequel’s soundtrack “insignificant.”

“It looked like one of those fluffy dolls you buy at an airport gift store to bring your kid when your business trip has taken too long,” he concluded.

Meanwhile, Pepé Le Pew, the Looney Tunes skunk, was deleted from Space Jam: A New Legacy.

The cartoon character is notorious for his non-consensual amorous aspirations, and he was originally supposed to appear in a scene with Greice Santo, in which he hit on her.

Pepé kissed her arm before she slapped him and poured her drink all over him.

Greice, who has experienced sexual harassment, has expressed her disappointment that the sequence exposing Pepé’s behavior as improper was kept out of the future film.

“This was such a big deal for Greice to be in this movie,” a spokeswoman for Santo told Deadline.

“Even though Pepe is a cartoon character, Greice wishes it was her who would smack a sexual harasser like him.

“Now the sequence has been cut, and she no longer has that power.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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