The opulent wedding site of Lady Kitty Spencer offers infinite marble and antique gardens.


The opulent wedding site of Lady Kitty Spencer offers infinite marble and antique gardens.

KITTY SPENCER married billionaire Michael Lewis in a lavish ceremony in Italy today. The wedding took place in Villa Aldobrandini, a villa outside of Rome.

For her big day, the bride, 30, wore a custom Dolce and Gabanna lace wedding gown, which was completely in keeping with the surroundings. Lady Kitty’s venue is a typical Italian architecture palace that dates back to 1566.

It once belonged to the Vatican, having been purchased by Pope Clement VIII in 1600.

The structure houses major works of art by Carracci, Raphael, and Bellini, among others.

Because it was the original home of a famous Roman artwork of a wedding scene, the Aldobrandini Wedding, which is currently kept at the Vatican Mueseums, it is perfectly suitable as a wedding setting.

Every day from 7 a.m. to sunset, visitors are welcome to view the grounds.

Throughout, there are antique fountains, marble, and uncommon plant species.

The massive palazzo lies on a wooded hill with views of Rome’s St Peter’s Basilica.

It is the ideal site for a large wedding like Lady Kitty’s, with seating for 300 inside and a whopping 2000 outside.

The grounds also include a chapel, allowing people to remain in one area.

Lady Kitty and her husband will have a combined net worth of £200 million following the wedding.

Michael, 62, is the chairman of the Foschini group, a South African clothing firm.

For the past few years, the couple has been residing in a £20 million ($26 million) London mansion.

Kitty and Michael made their romance public in May 2019 while both on vacation in New York.

After leaving a bar in St Tropez in August, Kitty was spotted kissing Michael.

Kitty, 30, was raised in an aristocratic family, and Eternal Lifestyle estimates that she was worth roughly £72 million before she married.

Michael’s net worth is reported to be over £80 million ($111 million), putting the power couple’s total net worth at over $200 million.

He also owns property in South Africa, giving the newlywed pair a variety of alternatives for living there and in London.

The 62-year-old hails from a well-to-do family.

In the 1930s, Michael’s grandfather established a furniture store, which his son, Stanley Lewis, later developed into the Foschini Group in the 1980s. Michael has done so. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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