The one-word Instagram post by Antonio Brown says all about his friendship with Tom Brady


Antonio Brown has integrated smoothly with the squad since joining the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

With star quarterback Tom Brady, Brown has rapidly built on his chemistry and helped guide the Buccaneers to their first playoff appearance in over a decade. Brown made an Instagram post with all that in mind that showcases his friendship with Brady perfectly.

With the Buccaneers, Antonio Brown gets his opportunity

Antonio Brown has just made a legal decision to give his return to the NFL the best possible opportunity

Antonio Brown got his chance to go back to the league after taking a break from the NFL for over a year.

For the rest of the 2020 season, the Buccaneers signed him to a one-year contract after he completed his eight-game suspension. Brown has largely avoided making noise on social media or off the field since joining the franchise.

Instead, the 32-year-old has steadily become a key part of the passing game for the Buccaneers. Brown has 34 catches on 47 goals for 345 receiving yards and two touchdowns in seven contests. In a single game, he has not topped 100 receiving yards, but in each of the last two weeks, he has topped 50 receiving yards three times and caught a touchdown.

The inclusion of Brown added another much-needed, stable piece to this season’s offensive puzzle. His efforts were instrumental in helping secure a playoff berth for the Buccaneers. Brown took to social media with all that in mind to sharply discuss what the friendship with Tom Brady meant to him.

Antonio Brown’s one-word post on Instagram embodies his friendship with Tom Brady

A post shared by AB (@ab) Antonio Brown faces a $750,000 test of his allegiance to Tom Brady and the Buccaneers. View this post on Instagram

There was little momentum in that respect until the Buccaneers showed interest in signing Antonio Brown.

After their short time together last season with the New England Patriots, the entire process was fueled by star quarterback Tom Brady trying to get Brown back on his side. Brown has been playing the part the Buccaneers wanted him to play in recent weeks.

He posted “thankful” on Instagram with a simple one-word message with a photo of him and Brady.

If the 43-year-old had not made the internal drive to get him there, Brown would not be playing for the Buccaneers.

Yeah, there were reports that he was really interested in the Seattle Seahawks, but there was no assurance he would join them.

Brown is in a good situation in which he could keep his place there well past the 2020 season.

In several ways, Brady has bent over backwards to keep Brown with the franchise, including keeping him at his home in Tampa Bay.

There’s a deep mutual respect between the two that could have helped stabilize the long-term NFL future of the star wide receiver.

Can play a vital role in the playoffs

Antonio Brown is doing his job for the Buccaneers in Patriots style alongside Tom Brady

Antonio Brown has the ability to play an even more significant role, with the Buccaneers already assured of their playoff spot.

Tampa Bay has a talented group of players around Brady, but Brown is the most experienced catching choice alongside Rob Gronkowski.

There are already some playoff games under his belt for the All-Pro wideout, which may lead to the star quarterback leaning more on him.

Brown has 51 receptions in 10 playoff games with 81 goals for 837 receiving yards and four touchdowns. For Tampa Bay’s offense, his experience and good chemistry with Brady may be vital to success.

The Buccaneers have a host of other main players on the roster, along with Gronkowski, Mike Evans, Chris Godwin and Scotty Miller.

With Ronald Jones and Leonard Fournette, the Buccaneers also have a strong running game.

To take a step toward the Super Bowl, the Buccaneers have all the pieces in order.


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