‘The Office’: Which stars in the series today are still friends?


The Office had a sprawling cast representing the Dunder Mifflin paper company’s workers.

The characters did not always get along at work. Nor, if they did, would it be really funny. Seven years after the series ended, many of the “Office” stars are still friends in real life.

Over Zoom, Kate Flannery and Andy Buckly talked about their positions in The Workplace.

They both mentioned people who have been close to each other since the series was filmed.

All nine “The Office” seasons are now available on Peacock for streaming.

‘The Office’ was more harmonious than the Dunder Mifflin of fiction.

The cast of “The Office” worked together for nine years, and you never heard any drama stories. The cast no longer saw each other every day when the series ended, but they did not forget each other.

“Sometimes there are lapses, but we’re like a family,” Flannery said. “We were together for nine seasons and it was generally a really drama-free cast.”

These stars of ‘The Office’ still see each other

In the movie, Flannery played Meredith. She also remains in contact with other members of the cast from adjacent cubicles and even one from the factory.

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“I’ve stayed in touch with pretty much everyone,” said Flannery. “We don’t see each other too much, but I often speak to Angela [Kinsey]. The other day, I just spoke to Craig Robinson, and to Oscar [Nuñez] and Creed [Bratton].

Andy Buckley, there’s a lot of us here, and I just spoke to Rainn [Wilson] last month.

Buckley, who had a guest role as David Wallace, CFO, reported that he was in contact with Flannery, as well as several other favorites from The Office.

“Certainly when I see someone, we’re friendly, but who am I in contact with on a regular basis?” Buckley said. “Kate Flannery, I talk to her quite a bit, and [Brian] Baumgartener, our good accountant Kevin Malone, I see him from time to time. I’ve seen Steve [Carell] and Jenna [Fischer] and Angela. Four days ago, I ran into Mindy [Kaling] and BJ [Novak], who I hadn’t seen in a couple of years.”

Buckley has also reunited on the HBO series ‘Avenue 5.’ with his ‘The Office’ co-star Zach Woods.

Jim’s humorous “The Office” joke with Dwight, which was cut from the final, can finally be seen by fans of “Matrix”

“And I see Zach,” said Buckley. “What can I say? Right now, I’m working with Zach Woods.

We’ve been working on a series for the last few years.

Andy Buckley remains in contact with authors, too.

There was more than just the cast in The Office as well.

Even after they started giving the actors terms, the cast became loyal to the authors and remained so.

“The Office,”The Office.

How ‘The Office’ transformed the cast’s lives, including John Krasinski and Kate Flannery

For a while, our children went to the same elementary school, but we moved,” said Buckley, before joking, “We got kicked out.

They were saying, ‘No, get out of here.’ No, we were moving on.


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