‘The Office’: This stunt got fans’ push-back for being unrealistic


The best thing about “The Office” is that it has captured the ridiculous side of the working culture for many people.

But there were moments when the series was named by viewers and unrealistic by Michael Scott (Steve Carell). One of those moments was when a major prank was pulled off by the actors.

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After his promotion, “Dunder Mifflin Infinity” saw Ryan (B.J. Novak) returning to Scranton. He announced that to revitalize the company, there will be changes.

That meant using modern technologies, and they got a Blackberry for everybody.

Not everyone was pleased about it, however.

In order to look younger, Creed (Creed Bratton) dyed his hair black. Michael accused Ryan of sexism against age and called Dunder Mifflin’s co-founder in to speak to the workers. The latter went even further then.

By sending them gift baskets with Dwight, Michael went out to win back former clients (Rainn Wilson). While they are on the lane, because of the GPS, Michael drives into a lake, though Dwight points out that obviously there is no road anymore.

That was considered to be too impractical by fans.

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The stunt looked like a lot of effort was needed.

But some fans were not pleased and felt, in spite of Michael’s previous poor decisions, that it was too impractical. On the “Office Ladies” podcast, Jenna Fischer, who played Pam Beesly, and Angela Kinsey, who played Angela Martin, spoke about it.

“When I emailed with Steve about that scene, Angela, he reminded us that after that episode aired, we got a lot of backlash because of that moment,” Fischer said. “He said people thought it was a little over the top, that it was unrealistic for someone to follow their GPS into a lake.”

After reading at a minivan’s owner’s manual, author Jennifer Celotta got the idea, which cautioned against pushing the car into a body of water, even though it was suggested by the GPS. She thought Michael Scott was one guy who would do that.

Celotta brought all the facts to introduce the theory that such a thing really occurs in the writers’ lounge. In the podcast segment, Wilson even spoke of doing this stunt.

Currently, they haven’t driven a car into a pool.

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To pull the stunt off, there were a few tricks.

The car hadn’t been thrown into a pool. Instead, a machine that dragged it into the lake and stopped at one point was put on it.

There was also no engine or gas tank in the vehicle.

A cameraman sat down with a gift basket in the back seat to film the stunt.

The water wasn’t clean, Wilson said, so he was most concerned about having something like an eye infection.

But the actor said that filming was “super fun” Not everyone was pleased with the scene, sadly.


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