‘The Office’: this Jim moment, Jenna Fischer said, ‘broke her heart’ for Pam


Office star Jenna Fischer had a profound link to Pam Beesly, her character. So deep, really, that a scene with Jim and Karen left “heartbroken.” her inner Pam.

Why did Jenna Fischer feel connected to Pam?

Fischer felt a bond to her character Pam because, before she landed the role in The Office, she had worked in offices while pursuing an acting career and had her fair share of failures.

Fischer discussed how her personal experiences affected the way she played the character during the Sept. 23, 2020 episode of The Office Ladies podcast. “I put a lot of those struggling years into my portrayal of Pam,”I put a lot of those struggling years into my portrayal of Pam. “I literally sat at a reception and dreamed of being an artist. That’s what I did. I did it for seven years, so I felt Pam’s longing deeply, deeply.”

The Office ‘: Jenna Fischer shares the heartbreaking moments that made her cry for Pam and Jim.

Together, Jim and Karen had a moment.

During the June 10, 2020 “Office Ladies” podcast, Fischer and her co-host Angela Kinsey spoke about the show’s episode “The Coup.” Jim had started working at the Stamford branch of the company to get out of Scranton after Pam rejected him.

At Stamford, Jim and his peers who played Call of Duty adjusted to the new office environment. His office mate Karen flirted a little about his lack of gamer skills with Jim and the two shared a little flirtation moment with him.

“That’s what got everyone very, very, very excited,”That’s what made everyone very, very, very excited.

Fans had hoped for Jim and Pam to end up together, so they were not won over at first by this new development between Jim and Karen.

“Well, there’s something I want you to remember.

This is a move forward a little bit,” Fischer said during the podcast. “But I just want to add, to tie up this Jim-Karen flirtation story line—you know, at the end of the night when Jim packs up and Karen watches and throws a fake grenade at her.

Now, that’s kind of their first inside joke.

“It wasn’t in the script that scene.

Later on, that was introduced,” she continued. “We saw that Karen has a little crush on Jim. Right? In the scene you’re talking about … But they wanted to see Jim give her a little, a little Halpert.”

She said, ‘We decided to see a little bit of her giving in.

And then they inserted the scene to prove that there was a real bond between them.

A playfulness, if you want to.

Fischer confirmed that she felt “heartbroken”

From Pam’s view, the scene certainly left Fischer feeling a little sad.

She discussed the moment with Jim and Karen in a 2006 interview with EW, acknowledging that while it was “charming,” it was also “heartbreaking.”

“When Jim threw the [fake]grenade and [Karen’s] paper clips went flying in [the Oct. 5 episode], that was improvised,” she explained. “It was so charming.

The Pam inside me was heartbroken.


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