The new series of Dancing on Ice, according to Torvill and Dean, will be more fluid than the previous one.


The new season of Dancing on Ice, according to Torvill and Dean, will be smoother than the previous one.

This year’s Dancing on Ice, according to JAYNE Torvill and Chris Dean, will run more smoothly than the crisis-plagued series from 2021 because the celebrities are better prepared.

Pull-outs abound in last year’s ITV show.

Denise Van Outen had a broken shoulder, Jason Donovan had a back injury, and Billie Faiers had a concussion.

Others were forced to stop working because they tested positive for Covid.

“Last year practice got squeezed,” Chris, 63, who won Olympic figure skating gold with Jayne in 1984, said. “This year the celebrities have gone through the process of getting introduced to the ice longer.”

“They work with a coach for a while, then with their partners for a while.”

So, from the standpoint of injury, I believe they’re ready to go.”

“We were all flying by the seat of our pants last year over what had to happen,” he continued.

This year, we all know what needs to happen and what people need to do based on the protocols.”

In one episode, however, Jayne and Chris will perform a routine with a drone that will fly above and between their legs, posing a threat.

They’re aware that it could go “horribly wrong” in real life, but Chris explained, “That’s why you practice.”

“Only a few times has the drone operator hit us.”

Chris and Jayne, both 64, say the 12-person celebrity panel is the highest-quality group they’ve seen in their 14 seasons.

“We usually have one or two standouts,” Jayne explained, “but this year there are a half-dozen who could potentially become the champion.”

Happy Mondays’ Bez, 57, has double vision after being knocked out in a boxing reality show.

“It’d been three months since I’d seen him,” Chris explained.

‘How are you doing now, Bez?’ I inquired. ‘I still have double vision, but I’ll put these corrective glasses on.’

‘I’m hoping it’ll benefit my skating.’

The series’ youngest contestants, including 22-year-old BMX racer Kye Whyte and Love Islander Liberty Poole, will take to the ice alongside Bez.

Paralympian athlete Stef Reid, 37, and England rugby star Ben Foden, 36, are among the other athletes competing.

Sally Dynevor, 58, of Coronation Street, Ria Hebden, 39, of presenter Ria Hebden, and Brendan Cole, of Strictly Come Dancing, are among the guests.

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