The new Hawkeye: Kate Bishop trailer has been released by Marvel.


The new Hawkeye: Kate Bishop trailer has been released by Marvel.

Hawkeye, played by Kate Bishop, is embarking on a new journey, and Marvel has just published a trailer for the first issue of her new series. The first issue of Hawkeye: Kate Bishop follows the hero as she attempts to return to her roots. Bishop can’t help but investigate into a strange resort as she travels to the East Coast. There are mysteries hidden inside, as well as a jewel heist in the works, and Hawkeye is the only one who can solve it. The private eye is now essentially walking into a trap, but she enjoys the challenge. Things are about to get a lot more explosive, and Kate has a lot of trick arrows and gadgets at her disposal. This story is written by Marieke Nijkamp, who is in her element. Enid Balam is assisting them in bringing this version of Hawkeye to life. For inks and colors, Oren Junior and Brittany Peer are on board. This is Kate Bishop’s first novel, and it will be released on November 17th. (It’s also perfect timing because the Hawkeye series on Disney+ is kicking off around the same time.) Take a look at the trailer for yourself by clicking here.

Nijkamp gave fans some context for this run in an interview with Bustle. “She’s redesigned the West Coast Avengers,” Nijkamp stated, “having gathered up quite a bit of experience running a highly profitable and definitely-quite-legal-and-licensed private eye business.” “Because Kate’s story is currently in change, now is the ideal time to join the adventure.” They went on, “To appreciate the journey, you don’t need to know where she was.”” They’re definitely distinct takes on the same character, but isn’t it interesting that they can all exist at the same time and be connected to her story? … Kate is one of my favorite people. Her snark is hilarious. I admire how she leaps first and asks questions later, but always manages to find a way out. What an exciting time to be a Best Hawkeye supporter!” In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Hailee Steinfeld discussed the passing of the torch in the Disney+ series “The banter between [Clint and Kate] is one of my favorite aspects of the Fraction comics. On a personal level, Jeremy and I immediately established that… [There is] a similar relationship with him taking me under his wing and showing me the ropes before letting me do my thing.” Will you be picking up Hawkeye: Kate Bishop when it becomes available? Let us know in the comments section!


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