The new Double Your Savings Bonus offer from Iceland allows customers to save money.


The new Double Your Savings Bonus offer from Iceland allows customers to save money.

The newly introduced Double Your Savings Bonus offer allows customers in Iceland to save money on their purchases. Discover how to get money back when they purchase online and in stores now.

Iceland customers will be able to save money on their groceries by taking advantage of the supermarket’s new offer program. Find out how to save money while shopping online and in stores right now.

With a revolutionary new plan, Iceland is providing shoppers exceptional offers on their shopping.

Customers may now save even more money when they use their Bonus Card thanks to the new Double Your Savings Bonus offer.

Iceland’s Bonus Card is a free membership program that provides customers with exclusive discounts and benefits that can be used to shop – sign up here.

Shoppers can double their discounts online, in-store, or through the app from August 3 through August 31, 2021.

Throughout September, for every £20 saved by customers, Iceland will offer them an extra £1 to spend.

Customers will receive £2 back for every £20 they save, as well as a 10% incentive.

Within 48 hours of saving, Iceland will immediately add a £1 incentive to your account.

By August 31, 2021, the additional £1 bonus will be loaded and appear in customers’ bonus cards by September 7, 2021.

Customers must spend the additional bonus by September 28, 2021, in order to claim the bonus offer.

This allows them to spend the entire month on food, household necessities, and whatever else they choose.

Sign up for a Bonus Card here and start shopping right away.

Please keep in mind that the minimum order value for online purchasing is £25.

Iceland has a variety of meal deals accessible online.

They can save 50% on a variety of items, including cereals, laundry detergent, and pizza.

Prices start at £1 and go up from there.

Here is where you can get the bargain.

They can also take advantage of a number of frozen multipack discounts.

For for £10, shoppers may receive four frozen beef items.

For £10, they can also purchase three frozen fish items.

Here you can find bargains.

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