The Naked Attraction choir lady who sang to penises was ghosted six weeks after the performance.


One of the show’s iconic contestants, Judith from Nuneaton, looking for love on the saucy dating show was ghosted by her chosen suitor just weeks after appearing on the show

Judith, arguably one of the most iconic contestants from Naked Attraction, was ghosted by her chosen suitor just weeks after the show.

The 57-year-old, who shocked fans by singing choir songs to penises of the suitors standing on the platforms, was left on read.

Judith from Nuneaton appeared on series five of Channel 4’s raunchy dating show.

With a new lease of life after surviving cancer and looking for love, she took the leap of faith to join as a contestant.

She said her Christian faith and life looking after her mum as a full-time carer left her unable to meet Mr Right.

Host Anna Richardson was in a fit of giggles when Judith spoke about her love of using feet during sex and using cake as foreplay.

Judith also revealed she wanted someone with a large member.

She even sang ‘My Lord Is My Shepherd’ to the penises on the piano.

Eventually, she chose Doug, 51, as her man and the pair shared kisses before heading off to their fully-clothed date.

On Tuesday night’s special Naughtiest Bits, where the show looked back at the most iconic moments, Judith caught up with what happened once cameras left.

She explained: “After the show, Doug and I met. We went to the garden centre and we went to a local pub.

“We got on really really well, spoke every night and every evening it was ‘speak tomorrow, speak tomorrow’.

“… and then after about six weeks tomorrow never came. But it’s his loss.”

In a twist of good news, she has now found love and is in a new relationship after meeting a man in a library.

“I feel loved in a way I wanted to feel loved,” she told the cameras. “And that is absolutely amazing.”

She added that she hadn’t yet got round to using cake in the bedroom with him, but joked: “It’s not everybody’s cup of tea… but I’m working on it.”

Another contestant left viewers gobsmacked with her truthful update.

Tracy, who told fans on her programme that her “lady bits” were like a “beef sandwich”, revealed she had surgery to have her labia removed.

But she also made it into a necklace as she “didn’t want to say goodbye to it”.

Naked Attraction airs Tuesdays at 10pm on Channel 4.


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