The mullet is making a comeback, with barbers claiming that the 80s hairstyle is regaining popularity.


The mullet is making a comeback, with barbers claiming that the 80s hairstyle is regaining popularity.

According to Rob McClintock, manager of Barbers No1 Whitechapel, the popular 80s hairstyle is making a comeback, with a recent resurgence in the style.

In the late 1980s, the mullet haircut was very popular.

Long hair cascades down a man’s neck, while the top is kept short and tidy.

Now, it appears that we’ve traveled back in time, as a barber claims that the hairstyle is making a huge comeback.

According to the ECHO, Barbers at No1 has 12 locations across Liverpool and claims to have seen a resurgence in the style recently.

“Did someone say MULLET?!?” the company wrote on Instagram, alongside a series of mullet photos.

“We’ve seen a lot of different variations of this haircut recently in our stores! It’s definitely one of the more daring haircuts!”

“Do you think you’ve got what it takes? Book now through our website at any of our 12 locations!”

The haircuts have been seen on students who moved to Liverpool, according to Rob McClintock, manager of Barbers No1 Whitechapel.

“We took over the 051 store in January, but due to lockdowns, it feels like we’ve only been open for a few weeks,” he explained.

“It’s a daring look, and we’re getting a lot of requests for it.”

“I believe it began with newly arrived students, but it has the potential to spread.”

When asked if he’d try a mullet, Rob said, “I can’t, I’m bald.”

However, at the annual Mulletfest in Australia, the 31-year-old won the title of World’s Best Mullet.

“I came over to Australia three years ago, got a mullet haircut, chopped it up in irony really,” he admitted.

“I’ve never been a fan of the mullet, but I have to say I like it now, so my opinion has drastically changed.”

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“Time and patience, and the ability to handle a s**t ton of negative feedback,” he said when explaining how to grow a mullet.

Mulletfest is a yearly event that honors the best mullet cuts in a variety of categories, including grubby, vintage, and extreme.

“All competition entrants are judged on their haircut, overall presentation, and stage presence,” according to the website.

On the day, the winner of the prestigious “Best Mullet of them All” category is crowned.


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