The Most Recent TikTok “Cult” Wants You to Change Your Profile Picture to Be More Devilish.


In the real world, a cult is something you should stay away from. They have a nasty habit of stealing your money and hanging you out to dry. Thankfully, the cults that populate the online world of TikTok are far less harmful and tend to ask participants to do something relatively simple in order to participate. In the past, everything from Horchata to Vegeta has gotten its own cult on the platform.

The latest cult to take over TikTok is the Menace Cult, which has been popping up in videos across the site encouraging users to join. The posts are typically accompanied by a devil emoji dressed in all black. Depending on what post you see, the emoji’s exact look may differ. Some resemble anime characters, while others have something like a black hat on.

Although the cult may sound dangerous, it’s really just a group of users who are following one another on the platform. It’s a mechanism that allows users on TikTok to boost their follower counts and find other, like-minded users. To join the cult yourself, all you need to do is change your profile picture on TikTok to a devil emoji. There are plenty of different versions of the emoji floating around online, so you can choose the one that suits you best.

Although the devil emoji is the chief uniting force behind the Menace Cult, many posts from members of the cult encouraging others to join also use the song “Ryte Night” by NBA Youngboy. Other users have taken another song from the rapper, “FREEDDAWG”, and used that in their posts.

Plenty of trends on TikTok have a clear point of origin, but there are others that seem to just emerge out of nowhere. Although millions of people have used the Menace Cult hashtag on TikTok, it’s unclear where the trend actually started. Given how rapidly the trend took over TikTok, though, it’s fair to say that plenty of users were confused about what the trend was and where it had come from.

Menace cult on top😈 #menacetosociety

Like many of the cults have come to dominate TikTok, though, part of the fun is that some TikTok users are mystified by it. Of course, there’s not a lot of deeper meaing behind the trend. The Menace Cult is just a group of users who decided to… Brinkwire short summary.


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