The most ‘amazing’ places to visit in 2022 have been named, and several of them are in the United Kingdom.


The most ‘amazing’ places to visit in 2022 have been named, and several of them are in the United Kingdom.

THE NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC compiled a list of the 35 finest places to “explore in 2022 and beyond,” according to THE NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC. While some of the locations are far away, readers will be pleased to learn that there are numerous in the United Kingdom.

Between April and June 2021, UK citizens flew 95 percent less than they did in the same period in 2019. So there’s no mistake about it: in 2022, everyone will need a vacation. Holidaymakers can choose from a variety of transcontinental and staycation choices on the National Geographic list.

Adventure, Culture and History, Nature, Family, and Sustainability were the five categories on the list.

“Unforgettable encounters that reveal the beauty and diversity of the world around us,” the website stated.

Look no further for readers who want to travel overseas in the new year.

While the majority of the recommended destinations were abroad, National Geographic did include a few UK attractions.

Nottinghamshire was mentioned as a favorite family destination.

“Robin Hood country is getting a makeover.”

“Fresh off an ambitious £30 million makeover, the 400-year-old Nottingham Castle has thrown open its robust oak gates again and is bigger than and better than ever,” according to National Geographic.

“A permanent new exhibition dedicated to Robin Hood and his fellow Nottingham rebels is the highlight,” they added.

With its focus on “interactive entertainment,” including “storytelling and songs” and “longbow-firing, digital archery competitions, and dueling with Little John in the beautifully designed game environments,” this appears to be a success for kids in 2022.

Caves and “huge pastures” are also available for children to explore.

Parents and guardians should keep a watch out for “seasonal events” at this location throughout the Easter, Summer, and Christmas vacations.

If the family doesn’t feel like robbing the affluent to give to the poor, they can visit Hadrian’s Wall, which runs across Northumberland, Cumbria, and Tyne and Wear.

In 2022, this UNESCO-listed edifice will host a year-long celebration to commemorate its 1,900th birthday.

“Live outdoor concerts, historic reenactments, sunset music sessions, a lighted garden, thought-provoking outdoor art installations, engaging speeches, and even a Roman Big Birthday Bash” are among the activities planned.

What’s not to like about that?

Both Nottingham Castle and Hadrian’s Wall have been renovated to the tune of £30 million.

Kent has been designated one of the greatest areas to discover nature in the United Kingdom.

In 2022, Tom Gibbs and Donovan Wright, the UK’s first bison rangers, will face “an exciting task”: four European bison will be reintroduced after being hunted to extinction.


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