The moments that made: Elaine C. Smith, Richard Wilson and Jack Docherty


What a story it is.

Richard Wilson, Elaine C. Smith and Jack Docherty.

Are you walking into a bar?

These days, coincidence could be a positive thing. It’s The Moments That Made, a new three-part BBC Scotland series that highlights the careers of some of the most beloved comedy performers in Scotland.

Only tell me more.

The first episode is about Elaine C. Smith, better known as Rab C. Nesbitt’s Mary Doll and Two Doors Down’s incorrigible Christine. As Smith attempted to make it in an industry typically dominated by men, it reveals her road to fame.

The careers of Richard Wilson and Jack Docherty are illustrated in two other episodes scheduled to air later this month.

Dr. Marie Cassidy, forensic pathologist, on her life on the frontlines of death

Wilson’s gems, not to mention his famous appearance as the dour Victor Meldrew in One Foot in the Grave, include Crown Court, Tutti Frutti and Hot Metal.

In the mockumentary series Scot Squad, Docherty’s resume ranges from the cult classic Absolutely to the role of Chief Miekelson.

What can we possibly expect?

Including Alex Norton, David Tennant and Arabella Weir, as well as Moray Hunter, Gordon Kennedy and Pete Baikie, a feast of nostalgic clips and a plethora of talking heads paying tribute.

Star outlander Graham McTavish on a Hebridean adventure.

When to Be Watching.

The Moments That Made… Elaine C Smith airs at 10 p.m. on Wednesdays on BBC Scotland, with additional episodes to follow on 23 and 30 December.


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