The Masked Singer judge Davina McCall is afraid of ‘abandonment’ after her childhood struggles.


After her childhood struggles, Davina McCall, the Masked Singer judge, fears ‘abandonment.’

In a candid admission, DAVINA MCCALL addressed her “fear of abandonment.”

Davina McCall talked about her upbringing and the effects of her parents’ divorce.

The presenter, who has returned for the third season of The Masked Singer 2022, opened up about growing up in the UK without her mother.

After her parents divorced, the 54-year-old was forced to live with her paternal grandparents.

She believes her fears began when she was younger and contributed to her previous addiction issues, according to the ITV favorite.

Davina admitted on Annie Mac’s Changes podcast last month that growing up in Paris with her mother would have been “chaotic” for her.

However, she clarified that she is not a “victim” of her family’s situation.

“When my parents divorced when I was four years old, I think the biggest change for me was,” she began.

“I’m not a victim, and I don’t see myself that way.”

This change was beneficial, and it shaped who I am today.

“However, there had been a series of events that had instilled in me a fear of abandonment.

“Not from my father, but from my mother.”

Davina explained that after her parents divorced, her French-born mother returned to Paris.

The family had previously lived in Putney, but following the couple’s divorce, the presenter said the court system decided to give custody to her father and paternal grandparents because she had spent so much of her life in the United Kingdom.

“It was a sliding doors moment for me when my mother was trying to get custody in Paris,” Davina said.

“My life would have been chaotic and out of control if I had grown up in Paris,” she says.

Her half-sister was “very damaged from her life in Paris,” according to the Masked Singer judge.

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Davina explained that she lived in a “safe environment” with her grandmother, and that her father came to see her every weekend.

The actress went on to say that she grew up during a time when children were not told the “truth.”

“My mother informed me that she was going on a two-week vacation and that she would come pick me up when she returned.

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