The Masked Singer: Fireworks is revealed as a member of The Voice, with fans noticing a resemblance to Rita Ora?


Fans notice a link to Rita Ora in The Masked Singer: Fireworks unveiled as The Voice star?

Fans of THE MASKED SINGER believe they have figured out Firework’s true identity.

Could The Voice be linked to the mysterious celebrity?

On Saturday night, ITV’s The Masked Singer returns, with celebrities singing in bizarre costumes that conceal their true identities.

Fans of the show have been busy sharing their theories online since seeing the performances last weekend.

Many viewers believe they’ve figured out who Firework is, implying that they may have a connection to judge Rita Ora.

Last weekend, two contestants were unmasked and eliminated from the competition.

Chandelier was revealed to be Heather Small, a British soul singer, on Saturday night.

Gloria Hunniford, star of Loose Women, was revealed as Snow Leopard in the following episode.

As a result, only ten mystery celebrities remain on the bizarre ITV singing competition.

As they try to decipher the clues, fans of the show have been posting their thoughts on each character’s hidden identity on social media.

When they performed a cover of Domino by Jessie J on Saturday, Firework had the judges stumped.

One Reddit user, however, believes they know who is hiding behind the mask.

Pixie Lott, the coach of The Voice Kids UK, is Firework, according to Gabrshed.

They explained how the clues shared on the show could lead to the pop star in a lengthy blog post.

“Two cats in Vermont: her fans are known as crazy cats, and she did a tour with the same name,” they wrote.

“She re-recorded a version of mama do for the Sims using a video game controller.

“There’s a lot of talk about models in the VT, and Pixie does her fair share of modeling and attends London Fashion Week.”

“We also know there’s someone Rita [Ora] knows well, and I believe Pixie fits the bill because they were both quite popular in the mid-2010s,” they added.

Other viewers, meanwhile, took to Twitter to discuss Firework, with many agreeing that it could be Pixie.

@AmberH4264 enquired, “Is firework Pixie Lott?? (hashtag)TheMaskedSingerUK?”

“(hashtag)TheMaskedSingerUK I am saying Pixie Lott for Firework!” wrote @OlliePop43.

“I’m so glad (hashtag)TheMaskedSinger is back on TV… Firework sounds a lot like Pixie Lott to me,” @Beffles said.

@ltz_froggy inquired, “Firework is Pixie Lott? (hashtag)TheMaskedSingerUK?”

@emodashian wrote, “Firework has to be Pixie Lott (hashtag)TheMaskedSinger.”

Firework’s true identity will be revealed only if viewers tune in.


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