The Mandalorian makes some fans “uncomfortable” in a positive way.


Star Wars has acted as a form of comfort food for fans for years.

For a healthy dose of nostalgia and entertainment, fans might rely on the stories.

But often Star Wars plagued the audience with daunting moral issues as well. Thanks to Bill Burr’s character, one particular episode of The Mandalorian, “The Believer,” stood out in this way.

In “The Believer?” what happened?

Migs Mayfeld, the character played by Burr, who was first seen in season 1, returned in the seventh episode of season 2.

At the beginning of the episode, Mayfeld is serving time in a labor camp when Cara Dune hires him for a mission to help the Mandalorians rescue Moff Gideon’s brother.

To help them get details, they need Mayfeld’s knowledge of imperial codes.

To enter the terminal they need, Mayfeld and the Mandalorian hijack a car. Mayfeld notes that the Monarchy is actually not that different from other ruling groups to the common citizens on the earth and muses. “You said you couldn’t take your helmet off, and now you have a Stormtrooper on. So what’s the rule? Is it that you can’t take your Mando helmet off or that you can’t show your face? Because there’s a difference there. … Everybody has their boundaries that they don’t cross until it gets messy.”You said you couldn’t take off your helmet, and you’ve got a Stormtrooper on now. So what’s the rule? Is it that you can’t take off your Mando helmet or that you can’t show your face? Because there’s a difference. Everyone has their limits until they get messy.

The ironic thing is that before he was cast in the film, Burr was considered to have a dislike for Star Wars. Screen Rant discovered that one of Burr’s anti-Star Wars monologues had been dubbed by a fan over his Mayfield dialogue.

Given how toxic fandom often gets, casting Burr was a possible minefield.

But some fans enjoyed the character of Burr – even when he was violent.

#Mayfeld The Mandalorian (@themandalorian) Season 2 will either make or break the ‘Star Wars’ saga’ December 31, 2020 ‘The Mandalorian’

How have fans reacted to ‘The Believer’?

Reddit fans have taken notice not only of the pain, but also of the fact that there is a precedent. “One wrote, “This is my favourite series segment.

Things got real quickly and I felt awkward. I haven’t felt this way since the Republic clone army was forgotten by Yoda and Mace Windu… right next to Palpatine.

The idea of comfort was also brought up by another fan, “His conversation with Din about how people don’t want freedom, they want a leader to follow, that’s exactly how in a few days the First Order took over the galaxy.”

Unfortunately, for dark reasons, they took over the leadership that the people of the galaxy were waiting for, but it was comfort. I loved that.’

Burr himself felt he would be a source of embarrassment because of his “Star Wars” shout-outs.

But according to Screen Rant, showrunner Jon Favreau did not see them as a concern.

The forum on Reddit has his back.

Take a look at season two behind the scenes.

Disney Gallery: #TheMandalorian is back on @DisneyPlus with a brand new special, “Making Season Two,” now streaming. (1/2) The Mandalorian (@themandalorian) December 25, 2020Some say that in the end ‘The Mandalorian’ played it safe

Fans were also excited about the finale of season two, which included a very famous Jedi’s return. Although some expected this move, the final was criticised by other critics for falling back on lazy nostalgia and undermining the best moments of the season.

“When Mayfeld’s long-suppressed guilt bomb detonates, Star Wars becomes for a moment as morally instructive and clear-eyed as [George] Lucas always wanted it to be. … (But) here comes the season two finale, acting like Lucy ripping the football away from Charlie Brown. Now The Mandalorian, like Grogu, has the potential to go one way or the other: embrace the light side or be swallowed by darkness.”When Mayfeld’s long-suppressed guilt bomb detonates, Star Wars becomes as morally instructive and clear-eyed for a moment as [George] Lucas always wanted it to be. (But) here comes the final of season two, acting like Lucy ripping Charlie Brown’s football away. Now like Grogu, the Mandalorian has the ability to go one way or the other: embrace one way or the other:

For now, most fans of Star Wars seem pleased with The Mandalorian, and there is another nostalgia-heavy series in the works, The Book of Boba Fett. So chances for fun and irritation will abound.


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