The Lug Nut Challenge appears just when you thought TikTok couldn’t get much worse.


Social media challenges can range from absolutely harmless and a little vapid, to downright idiotic, destructive, and borderline evil. Take the Bird Box challenge for instance, where folks were literally blindfolding themselves while driving on major highways (here’s hoping they were just flexing for the camera).

Well, there’s another gnarly trend involving automobiles that’s making the rounds on TikTok, and it’s got to do with lug nuts.

Imagine being such a waste of life that you not only derive pleasure from destroying other people’s property, but in your twisted sense of thrill-seeking you think that loosening the lug nuts on people’s cars and then waiting to watch them get into the vehicle and drive away to see what happens, while recording the entire thing to post to social media, is a form of entertainment.

Not only is the “lug nut challenge” potentially life-threatening and illegal, it’s also further evidence that there are some people who probably shouldn’t be allowed to procreate.

Sure, let me loosen someone’s lug nuts and then record myself committing a crime online. Kind of like these two teens who robbed a dead body they found in a ditch and broadcast their activity for everyone to see on Snapchat.

Here’s the thing: it doesn’t look like anyone’s really posting evidence of their crimes on TikTok, and if they are, they’re quickly taking down the videos, because all of the news surrounding the “lug nut challenge” are coming from people who’ve either suffered car accidents after their lug nuts were mysteriously loosened and fell to the ground, or from media sources and local news outlets, like the Fall River Reporter, who are warning people to make sure they check their cars before hitting the road.

PSA: CHECK YOUR LUG NUTS!!!!!! #lugnuts #beware #lugnutchallenge #safety #fyp

This could very well be like the “Tide Pod” eating challenge, where people only pretended to eat the pods as a joke, rather than actually do it. Of course, there were some folks who bit into the forbidden detergent gummies, but were there really those who ate and even vaped the cleaning agents? Probably not.

TikTok’s new “Lug Nut Challenge” is putting unsuspecting drivers a great risk of being harmed. 🚗🤦🏾‍♀️🍦

Get the scoop on the latest hazardous challenge 👉🏾 #LugNutChallenge #Beware

WHAT COULD GO WRONG? New TikTok Craze Has People Loosening Lug Nuts To See What… Brinkwire short summary.


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