The ‘Living Single’ star claims that ‘Friends’ was a copycat, but its actors won millions more dollars.


Living Single is one of the 90s’ most famous TV shows.

The series began the trend of showcasing 20-somethings and their mates’ lives in the big city.

TC Carson says that the rival cast deserved better than he and his co-stars, even though “Living Single” paved the way for shows such as “Friends,”

“Friends” is a clone of “Living Single” TC Carson says.

The host and Carson started a conversation about “Living Single” being the initial recipe for shows based around friendships in an April 2020 interview with YouTube’s Comedy Hype. “Well, David Schwimmer didn’t know,” Carson joked about the need for a “all-black version of Friends.” in response to Schwimmer’s remarks.

Carson states that even though Schwimmer misspoke, he was proud that there was a dialogue about the need for diversity.

He said, “We did this, we were here,” the actor says.

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‘Living Alone’ Carson left

He proceeded:

We work in an organization that’s built on our backs, but doesn’t really value the person on whom it’s built… Without all the black series they had before and let go, there would be no FOX. There would be no FOX.

There wouldn’t be a CW. Three fingers point back at you when you point a finger – so yeah, that’s it, so what do we do, how do we pass the needle? “TC Carson, Comedy Hype.”

In 1993 and 1994, respectively, Living Single and Friends debuted. For five seasons, Living Single ran, while Mates ran for 10 seasons.

“Friends” actors won $1 million per episode, TC Carson says.

Recently, Carson sat down for a Vlad TV interview and said Friends is a copycat of Living Single.

When it first came out, the show was a success, so they [Friends] cloned it,” jokes Carson.

Carson says that as Friends began to take off, the Living Single cast noted the change in the way they were handled.

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“We were the B team, we were on the B floor, so there were things that were less than us, and we fought for that,” he says. “We fought for our characters, we fought to write for our characters, we fought for situations.”

From ‘Living Alone’ TC Carson was shot

Initially, Carson says, the show’s writers and producers acknowledged his questions and suggestions.

Yet it started to change things.

At the end of Season 4, to address the cast’s grievances, he was called into a meeting with executives.

“Last season, before I left, they called me in and basically said, ‘All these problems we’ve had, they [the actors]listen to you, you’re the person they listen to,'” he explained. “So if you said something different, that’s what they would do.”

Since he was “difficult.” behind the mark, Carson admits his professional image took a hit. He also claims he left an interview early when he realized he had a negative impression of a casting director.

While Living Single came first, Carson says that even in terms of pay, the Friends cast got preferential treatment.

Friends operated on the big site, so they had access to all the facilities on the big site,’ he says. They ended up making an episode or something like that for a million dollars. We were not approaching those numbers, at least I never approached those numbers.

They’ve got better services, better craft services, better trailers.


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