The Jungkook of BTS is fantastic at all and it may be because of 1 personality trait


The fact that BTS is a talented bunch is no mystery.

The members have spent years perfecting their ability to sing, rap and dance. Of course, in other ways as well, they are fantastic.

Jungkook, the youngest member, is widely known for having several distinct talents. Some people may wonder how it’s even possible for Jungkook to have so many talents, and it seems like it comes down to one attribute that he has.

The ‘Golden Maknae’ is nicknamed Jungkook, because he has so many talents.

“Golden Maknae.”Maknae”Maknae”Golden Maknae. Jungkook is a “Golden Maknae” because he seemingly excels at all.

In BTS, one of the best dancers and singers is Jungkook.

In addition, it has been revealed that he also has rap skills.

Jungkook has also shown that sports and different games are good for him. In their Run BTS reality show! The members like to fight against each other, and Jungkook always emerges as the winner, interestingly enough.

Fans may also be aware that Jungkook is a talented filmmaker as well. He has shot and edited many BTS behind-the-scenes videos, and also directed their “Life Goes On.” music video for the single.

Jungkook’s 1 personality trait that makes him develop new skills

Jungkook of BTS allegedly had a nice reaction when an airport employee called him by the wrong name.

Although it’s easy to assume that with these gifts, Jungkook was just born, the real response is that he’s a hard worker.

Suga revealed during an interview with the Japanese Fanclub Magazine, according to Koreaboo, that Jungkook doesn’t like to lose.

Thus, he also tries his hardest to prove himself in the various things he does to others.

Also, a director who worked with BTS once shared her opinion of the work ethic of Jungkook. “With such a 1+ year tour, it was difficult to make rehearsals for solo performances, but Jungkook always rehearsed. Jungkook stuck in my mind the most because he was always the last performer at rehearsals,” she said, as Allkpop posted.

Jungkook said once that it can be difficult to be known as ‘Golden Maknae’ (@BTS twt) December 1, 2017 BTS: The graduation ceremony of Jungkook attracted so many fans that his classmates had to form a human barrier

Many people would probably love to have a “Golden Maknae,” nickname, but Jungkook admitted it makes him feel more than burdened.

‘I envy the picture that people have of me,’ he said, according to PinkVilla, in the fifth episode of the BTS documentary series Break the Silence. People call me Golden Maknae, but I don’t feel that way, so I have to work harder to make it appear that way.

I guess I’m finally really working hard after all this time since my debut.

During BTS’s 2019 anniversary celebration, Jungkook also expressed that he feels his stage persona “shines brightly” while his real self is more “insignificant.”

Regardless of how Jungkook sees himself, it is apparent that he is loved and respected by many fans for who he is.


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