The job of monarch, according to Prince Charles, is “a long way off.” During a ‘intimate’ trip to Wales


The job of monarch, according to Prince Charles, is “a long way off.” During a ‘intimate’ trip to Wales

PRINCE CHARLES, commonly known as the Prince of Wales, paid Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, a visit to the home of his investiture last week. The two spent a few days in Wales, meeting with residents, touring cathedrals and museums, and learning about the country’s arts and cultural sector.

Since his investiture in 1969, Prince Charles has visited Wales several times. He has previously expressed his admiration for the country and even spent a few months learning the language and getting to know its people and culture in its Welsh-speaking heartlands. But, in terms of his job as Prince of Wales, what did Charles’ most recent visit reveal?

On their most recent tour of Wales, Charles and Camilla visited a number of locations, largely in the south.

The prince was seen alone at St Brynach’s Church in Newport, where he visited with members of the church, and the couple did not go everywhere together.

He even encountered a horse named Prince George by coincidence.

Charles admired the church’s façade as well, admiring the trees and tombstones in the graveyard.

Judi James, a body language specialist, shared her professional opinion on the prince’s behavior during the visit.

“As Prince of Wales, Charles will definitely feel a feeling of connecting as he arrives here, and it is clear from his body language that several subjects or meetings were important to his heart,” she said.

Judi mentioned Charles’ interaction with a member of St Brynach Church, who showed him the church’s “bleeding” yew trees, which are 700 years old and had red sap.

“His intense listening signals as he examined an ancient tree and churchyard, including brows puckered in concentration and the way he seemed to be leading the conversation at the ‘bleeding’ yew, leaning up and pointing as though eager to learn more facts, all show him looking genuinely fascinated and engaged,” Judi said.

Camilla and Charles both went to the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama, where Camilla took on a “more passive position,” according to Judi.

“She and her husband are collaborating to create a highly complementary duo performance in which he is the center of attention while she provides discreet support and approving signals.

“However, we can see her getting a little more involved and even reaching out to touch one of the costumes.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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