The James Bond theme by Paul McCartney produced an unexpected reunion with the Beatles legend.


The James Bond theme by Paul McCartney produced an unexpected reunion with the Beatles legend.

PAUL MCCARTNEY wrote the iconic James Bond theme song, but he couldn’t have done it without a former Beatles legend’s help.

Eon Productions’ eighth James Bond film, Live and Let Die, was released in 1973. The picture was significant since it included Roger Moore’s debut on-screen appearance as the title hero. Sir Paul McCartney was enlisted to create and sing the Bond song to go along with the shifting landscape of the 007 series.

Paul was still in touch with former Beatles members and decided to enlist the services of his long-time pal George Martin to get on the film.

George was a multi-decade music producer, songwriter, and musician from the United Kingdom.

He was heavily involved with the first several albums of The Beatles, earning him the moniker “The Fifth Beatle.”

George composed the soundtrack for Live and Let Die and subsequently recalls Paul calling him to request a role in the film.

“It all started with Paul ringing me up and saying, ‘Look, I’ve got a song for a film,’” George recounted in 1982. Would you be willing to produce and organize it for me?’ ‘Sure,’ I replied.

“I spent some time in [Paul’s] house going through the stuff, and from my perspective, we were making a record, so I didn’t spare any cash and booked a full orchestra,” George continued.

“I said: ‘This is the way we’ll do it – we’ll do it with [Paul’s band] Wings, and work on the session with just the group, and then in the evening, I’ll bring in the orchestra, but we’ll still keep Wings there, and try to do it live all together, to try to get a live feeling to it.’”

“And that’s exactly what we did!” the producer continued.

George and Paul hadn’t worked together on music for years, so their reunion was certainly something for the books.

The Live and Let Die song was a moderate success, reaching number 37 in the UK Singles Charts before peaking at number nine.

In the US it reached number two in the singles charts.

George later mused about the movie: “Live And Let Die was my Bond picture, [and]I enjoyed that very much. I happened to have a very good director, Guy Hamilton, who told me he didn’t.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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