The historic rivalry between John Laurie and Arnold Ridley from Dad’s Army revealed “Different personas.”


The historic rivalry between John Laurie and Arnold Ridley from Dad’s Army revealed “Different personas.”

In Channel 5’s The Secret Lives of Dad’s Army, viewers of the BBC smash show were given an inside look at the show’s past, which revealed that not all of the cast members got along.

The Secret Lives of Dad’s Army first aired on Channel 5, providing viewers a behind-the-scenes look at what it was like to work on the show and with the cast. An odd collection of men known as the magnificent seven were forced together to create one of Britain’s most popular BBC comedy, Dad’s Army. When it came to working together, though, it wasn’t always a happy family, as the show revealed that John Laurie and Arnold Ridley didn’t always agree.

“John Laurie has a reputation for occasionally being as prickly as his on-screen character,” said a voiceover.

“John Laurie was cantankerous, he was somewhat naughty, he was someone who enjoyed playing a kind of professional pessimist,” according to Jerry McCann, author of Dad’s Army: The Story of a Very British Comedy.

Private Godfrey’s Laurie and Arnold Ridley’s Private Godfrey were completely distinct personalities, according to Michael Knowles, who was a cast member from 1969 until 1972.

“There was a bit of rivalry between them since John Laurie was really fit,” Michael began.

“If he ever saw Arnold Ridley sit down, he’d hurry off and try to pick something up and lug it past Ridley, saying, ‘don’t worry son, I’ll take care of this.’”

“I think they had very different views to growing older, and I think they learnt to tolerate each other,” Nicholas Ridley, Arnold Ridley’s son, explained.

“I believe John Laurie was having a little fun at my father’s expense.

“[And] my father was unconcerned about it at all,” he added.

There was friction on set between Arthur Lowe and Clive Dunn, and John and Arnold weren’t the only cast members who didn’t get along.

“The thing that is so fascinating about the Arthur Lowe and Clive Dunn relationship was that Arthur Lowe was a Tory, and Clive Dunn was an ardent socialist,” Emma Kennedy, a comedy writer, said in the Channel 5 program.

Arthur Lowes’ son, Steven Lowe, said, “Arthur was quite political and very right-wing; he had been introduced to Margaret Thatcher.” Brinkwire Summary News


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